More research has come out recently that links testosterone therapy to heart conditions. A study published in early January of this year found that men taking testosterone drugs faced a higher risk of heart attack for men over the age of 65. Men younger than 65 but with a history of heart problems also had higher risks for heart attacks, according to the study tracking 56,000 men. Serious medical complications from treatment or medical devices can cause an array of complications or injuries.

The study looked at men between 2008 and 2010, finding that the heart attack risk for men doubled when participating in testosterone therapy. Previous studies had only looked at older men using a high dosage of testosterone gel, although a November 2013 Veterans Affairs study also identified a 30 percent increase in heart attacks, death, and strokes for more than 1200 men taking the testosterone drug.

As a result of these studies, some researchers are urging that the FDA put new warning labels on the products so that more patients are aware of the increased risks. Presently, there are no explicit warnings of the increased heart attack risk for those using testosterone replacement therapy. Given that several studies have indicated a link with heart attacks and other conditions, it's likely a matter of time before the FDA requires some form of labeling regarding the issue. For some patients, though, this might be done too late, since testosterone therapy is still being given to men across the United States.

Testosterone therapy and other forms of treatment that are relatively new often haven't been the subject of long-term studies to identify complications, putting patients at risk in the interim. Defective medical devices and drugs can cause serious injuries and even death. If you have been the victim of such an injury, contact an Illinois defective medical device attorney today.