Bankruptcy, Foreclosure & Loan Modification Posts in November, 2017

How Will My Bankruptcy Affect My Ability to Buy a House?

For most people, a house is the largest purchase they will ever make. Buying a house is more than just a large purchase, it is often an investment, and for many, buying a house is symbolic. It is a milestone in an adult’s life, and for many couples, it is symbolic of their commitment to each other....
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TechShop Declares Bankruptcy and Shuts Down All Locations in the United States

TechShop, a membership-based communal workspace for artists, designers, and tinkerers with locations across the United States and abroad, abruptly closed its doors in November of 2017. Along with this closure came an announcement that the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. All locations in the United States closed, while those outside the country remain in operation....
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Why You Should Pay Your Credit Card in Full Every Month

There are a lot of myths and facts out there about credit, debt, and how to effectively manage your credit score. One of these is the myth that maintaining a balance on a credit card can help you raise your score faster than paying off the card each month. This simply is not true. If you have a credit card, you should make it a priority to pay its balance in full every month....
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For Many Recent Bankruptcies, Companies are Quick to Blame Millennials

Not long ago, we reported on Toys R Us’ decision to file for bankruptcy. Although retailers file for bankruptcy all the time, especially in recent years, news of Toys R Us’ bankruptcy struck a chord with many Americans. For millions of American adults, Toys R Us is synonymous with childhood nostalgia and fun. It hearkens to a simpler time when receiving the Toys R Us catalog meant the beginning of the holiday season, a chance to flip through its glossy pages of exciting new toys....
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