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Big Business Bankruptcy

Businesses come and go. Those of us who live in large cities are often witness to the comings and goings of various restaurants and boutique clothing stores. The life and death cycle of these establishments is such a constant that we almost do not even notice it. However, when an industry giant goes belly up, it is rather noticeable. If the small businesses are like wildflowers, institutions like Sears are great oaks. When they fall or burn, we feel it.
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Parking Tickets and Bankruptcy in Chicago

Most of us think of parking tickets as an expensive inconvenience — like costly bird droppings that fall into our lives and ruin our days. While we all dread seeing the loathed orange pamphlet stuck underneath our windshield wipers, for some, parking tickets can be financially devastating. Those people who unable to get out from under Chicago parking ticket debt often turn to bankruptcy.
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Business Bankruptcy: A Giant Falls

The new millennia has not been kind to major retail outlets. One by one, giants like Toys “R” Us, Subway, Teavana, and Rite Aid closed hundreds of stores across the United States in 2018. Online megastores like Amazon and EBay have faced off with their competitors, titanic stores locked in mortal combat like King Kong and Godzilla, and basically obliterated them.
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Bertucci’s Plans to File for Bankruptcy

Bertucci’s Inc., a Massachusetts-based restaurant chain best known for its brick oven pizza, has announced that it will file for bankruptcy in the coming weeks. Currently, Bertucci’s operates more than 80 locations throughout the northeastern United States. Its first location opened in 1981.
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Keeping Yourself Accountable as You Recover from Bankruptcy

There is only one person in charge of your financial recovery after completing the bankruptcy process - you. If you do not make an effort to change your financial habits and hold yourself accountable for your own budgeting, saving, and spending, you will quickly find yourself facing the same debt problems that drove you to bankruptcy in the first place.
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iHeartMedia Plans to File for Bankruptcy in Early March 2018

iHeartMedia, the largest network of terrestrial radio stations in the United States, is set to file for bankruptcy soon. Currently, the company is about $20 billion in debt. According to insiders, advisors for the company’s senior creditors have seen the documents that will be used on the first day of the company’s bankruptcy proceeding.
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Young CEO Saves his Family’s Company from Bankruptcy

In 2000, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs was on the verge of financial collapse and considering filing for bankruptcy. Then, recent college graduate Jesse Laflamme, grandson of one of the company’s original founders, stepped in and made changes that transformed the egg producer into what it is today - a flourishing company that partners with 125 family farms in 14 states to produce high quality, organic eggs.
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Champaign Employer Hobbico Files for Bankruptcy

When a company files for bankruptcy, everybody involved with that company feels the impact. If it is a publicly traded company, bankruptcy can impact shareholders. Any relationships the company has with vendors and those it subcontracts are also impacted. Sometimes, these relationships have to be terminated for the company to become profitable again and in other cases, they are changed dramatically.
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