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Your Financial Snapshot: The Importance of Reviewing Your Credit Report on an Annual Basis

Becoming familiar with your spending habits, debt ratio, and understanding how lenders view your financial snapshot may very well be your best defense against future bankruptcy or foreclosure action. It all begins with fiscal responsibility, supported by a sound credit report, but how many Americans actually request and review their credit report on an annual basis?
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Bankruptcy and Retirement Savings: Answers for a Secure Financial Future

Bankruptcy, as defined by LendingTree, LLC, the nation’s leading online lender exchange, is a complicated situation that can open the door to a personal or business “do-over” without the burden of insurmountable debt but not without possible financial consequences. It may be easy to briefly define bankruptcy but for those facing the reality, the situation can raise numerous questions, especially when it involves your Roth IRA.
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Debunking 5 Myths About Bankruptcy

There are several myths and old wive’s tales floating around about bankruptcy.  Many people accept them as truth, and that scares them off from finding the relief that comes from filing bankruptcy.  Here are some of the most common myths about bankruptcy, and the truths behind them. 
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