Illinois Forensic Loan Auditors: Have your loan audited by a Lawyer

Have your mortgage loan forensically audited by an attorney.  At Newland & Newland, LLP a lawyer will review your loan package.  Our lawyers have reviewed thousands of loan packages and are capable of ascertaining whether or not there have been violations of:

  • Truth in Lending Laws
  • Loan Charge and Interest Rate Violations
  • HUD Violations
  • Broker Fee Violations
  • Artificially inflated Appraisal Violations
  • Were you properly notified of your right to cancel the loan?
  • Were you charged excessive or undisclosed fees?
  • What were the real terms of your loan?
  • Expose hidden charges from your broker or lender?
  • Were you provided the appropriate disclosures?
  • Deceptive Practices

Why have a forensic audit of your mortgage? The forensic audit of your loan allows for you to raise defenses to a foreclosure claim and possibly get your mortgage rescinded or your interest rate reduced.

The strategic foreclosure defense Attorneys

Lawyers at Newland & Newland, LLP can protect your rights and may be able to stop your foreclosure.  We have practice in Cook County, Lake County McHenry County DuPage County and Will County.  Call for an appointment or a forensic loan audit.

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