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Advocate Goodshepard Hospital is one of the largest health systems in Illinois, with over 400 sites to provide care within the state. As a result, the hospital treats thousands of residents on a yearly basis. While the hospital prides itself in providing a high quality of care, doctors understand that the practice of medicine is not an exact science. Providing care to men, women, and children for health issues involving cancer, diabetes, respiratory failure, and stroke can be tricky and is certainly not fool-proof. The impact of a medical mistake can be significant, causing lasting harm or death to you or your loved one. In fact, a 2016 report indicated that medical errors are the third leading cause of death. If you have been injured in accident or incident by a medical professional or staff at Advocate Goodshepard Hospital, contact Newland & Newland, LLP today.

Failure to Diagnose

When patient symptoms present a set of medical problems, it is the responsibility of a patient’s medical team to determine the cause of the patient’s condition. In some cases, the failure to diagnose is a direct result of negligence. Negligence often occurs as a result of :

  • A doctor’s disregard of the information being presented or concluding that the symptoms are typical, temporary, or require simple treatment.
  • A doctor’s failure to run all of the necessary tests for the specific set of symptoms to detect the true cause of symptoms.
  • A doctor’s failure to properly interpret the results of a test.

Failure to properly diagnose a patient’s condition often has a domino effect on a patient’s overall health and wellbeing. During this time, not only can the patient’s condition continue to deteriorate but the patient may also lose crucial time in some cases, causing irreversible damage.

Improper Diagnosis

Since certain conditions are symptoms of a variety of illnesses, a doctor may rely on those symptoms and incorrectly diagnose an individual’s condition. Patients often rely solely on conclusions of doctors, which is sometimes to their detriment. The problem with improper diagnoses is that doctors often recommend specific treatment plans in an effort to restore a patient’s health. This can not only cause harmful side effects from the medicine that is being taken, but also complicate or worsen the original condition.

Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed diagnosis refers to a failed or inaccurate diagnosis which results in delayed treatment of the actual condition a patient has. Unfortunately, many times the harm suffered because of the delay cannot be undone. This causes many families mental grief as they often wonder what could have been done if only the condition had been caught on time. This is often the point where individuals seek to determine their legal rights to compensations.

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Not every case involving a failed, improper, or delayed diagnosis from Advocate Goodshepard Hospital Staff will result in medical malpractice. A thorough review of your claim is necessary to determine if you have a right to relief. If you or your loved one wants additional information about a potential claim, contact us today for a risk-free consultation.

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