North Shore Hospital Surgical Errors

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We often hear of unfortunate accidents or incidents that occur while individuals are being treated by surgeons in hospitals across the country. These encounters, some with devastating consequences, almost always impact unsuspecting patients who expect their medical procedure to be completed without a hitch. The most frustrating part of the encounter is that in most cases, you were never informed about the mistake and it could have been prevented. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident that has occurred while obtaining treatment in a hospital, contact an attorney for assistance.

Neurological Malpractice

Neurologists are prone to medical malpractice claims due to the complex nature of neurological disorders. These disorders are often associated with problems with the brain, spine, or nerves and often affect one’s memory, movement, and muscle strength. These functions are essentially responsible and necessary for the proper functioning of one’s body on a daily basis. This is one reason neurologists are held to a higher standard and more likely to be sued when errors are made when diagnosing, treating, and preventing recurring illnesses. In addition, these surgeries are extremely invasive and require significant recovery periods. When errors occur in neurological patients, the effects can be devastating and cause a variety of injuries which can be as severe as leaving many patients in vegetative states.

Cardiovascular Malpractice

Cardiovascular malpractice is another area in which the need to be precise is crucial. Surgical errors to one’s heart can result in complications that often create the need for corrective surgeries to avoid more serious and permanent damage. When surgical errors cause severe consequences on your overall health, such as the need to place a permanent pacemaker into your body, you deserve relief. The attorneys at Newland & Newland, LLP are experienced personal injury attorneys who can help assist you with your claim. 

Orthopedic Errors

Orthopedic surgeons are tasked with operating on conditions related to bones, joints, and muscles. Errors related to these types of surgeries typically involve one’s hips, wrists, shoulders, elbows, or feet. Lawsuits have stemmed from more recognizable mistakes such as operating on the wrong arm or leg, to those more complicated in nature, such as determining that a hip was improperly fitted and too large or small for one’s body. 

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