Misdiagnosis of Stomach Cancer

There are hundreds of different types of cancers that are known to exist. The severity and type of cancer is almost always directly related to the chance of survival. In general, stomach cancer is a type of cancer that has seen huge advances in detection and treatment, which has allowed the survival rate to increase. However, a medical misdiagnosis of stomach cancer can have the effect of creating a delay in treatment and decreasing the overall chance of survival in many cases.

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Common Reasons for Stomach Cancer Misdiagnosis

While devices used to detect stomach cancer have become more effective, misdiagnosis of stomach cancer occurs often. In many cases, this is due to:

  • The failure to run proper tests: Performing a series of medical tests to determine whether stomach cancer is present is crucial. There are a number of tests including esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD), barium x-rays, gastric acid stimulation, and CT scans or MRI tests. These tests can be used separately or in combination to detect stomach cancer. The failure to run these tests is a common reason for misdiagnosis.
  • Failure to ask the right questions: Although there are tests that are used to determine whether stomach cancer exists, medical professionals must first ask the right questions to get to the potential diagnosis of stomach cancer. Obtaining information such as the type of symptoms, length of symptoms, family history, other medical conditions, and any follow up questions based on a person’s response are crucial to a proper diagnosis.

Effect of Delayed Treatment

A delay in treatment can have impact on one’s health. When left untreated, stomach cancer spreads through the body and will eventually lead to one’s death. A delay in treatment allows the disease to progress through the different stages and become more severe over time. For example, the five-year survival rate for stomach cancer is as follows:

  • Stage Ia: 94% chance of survival
  • Stage Ib: 88% chance of survival
  • Stage IIa: 82% chance of survival
  • Stage IIb: 68% chance of survival
  • Stage IIIa: 54% chance of survival
  • Stage IIIb: 36% chance of survival
  • Stage IIIc: 18% chance of survival

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