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Surgical Error Results in $4.8 Million Verdict

A jury in Vermilion County awarded over $4.8 million to the family of a Danville woman who filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a local physician and Danville Polyclinic. The lawsuit claimed that Dr. Muthiah Thangavelu’s conduct was negligent and resulted in injuries to Linda Shelly that would otherwise have been avoidable...
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Salmonella Outbreak in Chicago Area

People in the Chicago area have recently been warned that there has been a salmonella outbreak at a grocery store in the Archer Heights neighborhood that has already infected six people. The people became sick after eating carnitas and other foods they purchased at the kitchen counter of the Supermercado Rivera according to the Chicago Department of Public Health....
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How Compensation for Slip and Fall Accidents is Determined

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over 800,000 people end up in the hospital each year due to slip and fall accidents. If you are one of those people who has been injured in a slip and fall accident, it is important to understand what your rights are for getting compensated for your injuries. Not only could you receive compensation for the costs of your treatment, but your attorney may be able to help you obtain other indirect costs....
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Medical Malpractice Claims Have Decreased, but Payouts Have Increased

According to recent statistics, the number of medical malpractice claims has significantly dropped, but the case management expenses and payments for the claims have, on average, continued to increase. Between 2007 and 2016, the rate of medical malpractice claims decreased 27% from 5.1 claims per 100 doctors to 3.7 cases. The study analyzed claims that affected 124,000 patients over a 10-year period....
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Orangeburg County Elder Care Facility Facing Multiple Lawsuits

Court documents filed in Orangeburg County show that multiple people have filed claims against Phaire’s Care as well as the owner of the elder care facility. One of the lawsuits was filed on behalf of Rena Mae Zinnerman’s estate by Darlene Bethea who claims that the owner of the assisted living facility, Carlton Phaire, was transporting Zinnerman along with three other residents when he had an accident. Zinnerman died 10 days after the crash due to her injuries....
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Student Dies After Slip and Fall Accident

A student at the University of Washington died due to a blood clot in her lung according to the examination performed by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office. Hayley Smith, 19, was a sophomore at the university when the university’s police department responded to a slip and fall accident outside the Electrical Engineering building. Smith suffered a severe head injury....
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Illinois Hospital Pays Big in Medical Malpractice Suit

Many people dread a trip to the doctor's office, even more so a trip to the hospital. For some, there is something terrifying about yielding control of their bodies over to strangers. Hospitals are buildings that deal with life and death and remind us of our mortality. Are these fears unfounded? Most of the time patients find themselves in capable and caring hands. When they do not, the results can be devastating. One Kevin Baldridge, a 64-year-old patient at St....
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Nut Butters Contaminated with Listeria Could Cause Food Poisoning

For some people, nut butters can be a matter of life and death simply due to food allergies. These allergies can cause extreme reaction such as shortness of breath, swelling, and in severe cases, even death. In recent months, there has been an entirely different reason why some people are avoiding these creamy spreads. Several nut butters on the market have been recalled due to the possibility of contamination with Listeria monocytogenes....
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New Jersey Man Facing Charges for Fraudulent Slip and Fall Claim

A man from New Jersey is facing charges of insurance fraud and theft after he faked a slip and fall accident in an effort to collect insurance money. Authorities say that Alexander Goldinsky was caught on video faking his fall at a business in Woodbridge. He worked as an independent contractor and purposely threw ice on the floor, then placed himself on the ground and lay waiting until someone found him....
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Woman Killed by Medical Malpractice During Heart Surgery

We should all be in awe of the latest advancements in medical technology. Lasers can fix our eyes to where glasses and contacts are no longer needed. These cutting rays of light are used to successfully treat medical ailments from kidney stones, to tumors, to even cosmetic issues like varicose veins. Unfortunately, no treatment is without its risks. One family in Peoria Illinois found this out firsthand....
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