Medical Products Liability Posts in July, 2013

Surgical Robot Errors Continue

As a patient, you expect that you’ll be safe every time you enter a doctor’s office or operating room. In some cases, you’re handing over your life to the doctors and medical professionals responsible for your care. The newest craze in medicine is the use of robots, generally managed by physicians themselves. When accidents happen, however, it can become necessary to meet with an Illinois personal injury attorney for representation....
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Lawsuits Increase Against GranuFlo and Naturalyte

Two products extremely popular for use in dialysis treatments, NaturaLyte and GranuFlo, were created by Fresenius Medical Care Holdings. These products have been named in numerous lawsuits recently, since there are side effects that can lead to serious medical problems and conditions for patients getting dialysis treatment. If you have been the victim of a defective medical device or medical malpractice, you need to speak with a personal injury attorney....
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Stryker Hip Replacements Defective

Hip replacements are one of the most common and yet complicated bone revision surgeries a patient can undergo. According to the University of Missouri Medical Center, “the ideal time for surgery is when other measures, such as medicines, exercise, weight loss, and alternative therapies no longer work.” A hip replacement should be undergone only when hip pain causes a limp and interferes with the enjoyment or ability to complete everyday activities....
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Parkinson’s Treatment Recalled Because of Glass Particles

At the end of June, medical drug manufacturer Fresenius Kabi issued a “voluntary, user-level product recall of 4 lots of benztropine mesylate injection,” according to The drug is used in several different types of Parkinson’s therapy, in addition to the control of “extrapyramidal disorders due to neuroleptic drugs,” according to ModernMedicine....
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Infusion Pumps Recalled by the FDA due possible Electrical Short

Pain medication is given to patients to relieve pain and to make patient care better. At times, medical devices are implanted in a patient’s body that administers pain medication and can be regulated by the physician if necessary. This is beneficial to the person because it removes the concern of missing the time to take the medication or the possibility of taking the wrong dosage. But, when these implanted medical devices don’t work properly, a patient’s health becomes compromised....
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FDA Puts Highest-Risk Label on Ventilators

Respironics, a subsidiary of Phillips, has recently received the FDA’s highest-risk label for a recall that has affected over 19,000 V60 ventilators. These ventilators were pulled due to potentially dangerous power management software....
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Morning Sickness Drug Returns

Recently, the FDA has approved the return of a prescription medicine used to treat morning sickness during pregnancy that was taken off the market about 30 years ago after leading to hundreds of lawsuits that claimed it led to birth defects....
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