Medical Products Liability Posts in February, 2014

Filter Designed to Catch Patient Blood Clots Focus of Nationwide Recall

Doctors doing surgery at a hospital in Maine made a discovery regarding the Cordis Opt-ease Vena Cava Filter that have led to investigation and defective device recalls for the item. The filter is supposed to catch clotted blood traveling through the Vena Cava to hold it there so that the clot doesn’t travel farther into the heart or lungs. Doctors struggled to remove the filter from a patient who no longer required it, finding that the instructions for insertion and removal were not accurate....
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Has your Baby been the Victim of a Defective Syringe?

Although adult defective medical devices make the news more often, some of the most dangerous devices are those intended for use with children. With so many products and medical devices on the market for children, it can be difficult for parents to stay on stop of which devices are safe to use with infants....
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Knee and Hip Replacements Have High Failure Rate

According to Science Daily, “hundreds of thousands of hip and knee replacement surgeries are performed in the United States each year.” While these procedures are generally very effective at reducing pain and restoring mobility, there is a high rate of failure of these devices. There is such a high rate of failure, in fact, that Dr....
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Regulation of Defective Medical Devices

Every month the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls several products and devices as unsafe for consumption. Many of these never make news, and very few of these ever make a big splash in the mainstream media. This makes determining whether or not you’ve been affected by a defective product or device difficult....
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More Recalls and Lawsuits on the Horizon for da Vinci Surgical Robots

At the end of 2013, the FDA announced even more Class II recalls for components making up the da Vinci surgical robot system. The robots have already been in the news for numerous errors and concerns shared by patients who have undergone surgeries using these machines. If you have already been injured as a result of a da Vinci surgical robot, you need legal advice from an Illinois defective medical device attorney....
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Mobile Apps As Medical Devices

The healthcare field is the latest in a group of industries that can say “There’s an app for that!”. Some of these mobile applications are being scrutinized under the Food and Drug Administration since they can be considered medical devices....
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Defective Medical Device Behind Veteran’s Death

Doctors stated that veteran Eddie Creed’s death last year was the result of throat cancer, but some journalistic investigations have revealed that there may be more to the story regarding a defective medical device. Creed had been using a medical device called Infusomat, a device which had actually been recalled a month before he started using it....
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