Medical Products Liability Posts in February, 2016

Famous Cases of Chain Restaurant Food Poisoning

Many Americans are under the impression that they are less likely to suffer from food poisoning when eating at well-known chain establishments than they are at smaller, independent food retailers because of the additional safety and quality measures with which corporate restaurants are required to comply. However, corporate oversight does not necessarily mean that the food from a particular retailer is safe from carrying dangerous bacteria....
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Do Not Eat These Foods, Warns Food Poisoning Expert

We all know that certain types of foods are more likely to carry dangerous bacteria than others. This is why we take certain food preparation and storage rules so seriously, such as cooking chicken until it is well done and washing leafy vegetables like spinach and kale thoroughly before using them....
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Foodborne Illness Can be Found in Food Replacements, Too

When you are on a diet or looking to bulk up, you might choose to replace or supplement your meals with nutrition shakes. You probably never think that you are exposed to hazards by consuming these shakes but the truth is, you can be. Recently, a man in Otero County and ten others reported falling ill from Garden of Life Raw Meal Organic Shake and Meal products....
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