Medical Products Liability Posts in May, 2017

Gastrointestinal Problems While Abroad? Food Poisoning is to Blame

For many, falling ill briefly is just an expected part of traveling abroad. These short bouts of gastrointestinal difficulties are often referred to as “Delhi belly” or “Montezuma’s revenge” and are frequently blamed on adverse reactions to new foods or water sources. This is not correct. According to Richard Conroy, a travel sickness researcher and food scientist from the United Kingdom, issues like diarrhea and vomiting while traveling are always caused by food poisoning....
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Know How to Protect Yourself from SoyNut Butter Illnesses

The voluntary recall The SoyNut Butter Company issued for its I.M. Healthy SoyNut butter products in March of 2017 raised awareness of the potential E.coli contamination in these butters and likely pushed many consumers to throw out any remaining containers of the product in their homes, thereby protecting them and their families from contracting food poisoning illness....
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Deer Antler Tea Tied to Los Angeles Botulism Cases

Two residents of Orange County have become ill with botulism, a potentially deadly illness linked to the consumption of canned and fermented goods. One of the residents was confirmed to be suffering from botulism by the Orange County Health Care Agency. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health suspects the two cases are linked to the consumption of deer antler tea obtained in March of 2017 and urge all individuals who have this tea in their possession to dispose of it....
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