Medical Products Liability Posts in July, 2017

Another Food Poisoning Case Shutters a Chipotle Restaurant

A Chipotle restaurant in Virginia had to shut its doors temporarily in July of 2017 due to customers’ reports of diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains after eating there. For Chipotle, cases of alleged food poisoning reaching the news is nothing new. In 2015, the fast casual burrito vendor faced numerous food poisoning cases at locations across the nation, including E.Coli, Norovirus, and Salmonella. With each outbreak, Chipotle saw its stock prices fall....
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Georgia Judges Split on Case of Wedding Catering Food Poisoning

Generally, a party whose negligence is deemed to be the cause of one or more victims’ food poisoning is liable for those victims’ related financial damages. Victims can seek compensation for their damages through personal injury claims, but this is not always a simple, straightforward process. It can be difficult to pinpoint a case of food poisoning to a specific food item or prove that the victim’s illness could have been prevented through better care on the part of the food vendor....
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Vegan Food Poisoning Dangers

If you think you are safe from food poisoning because you maintain a vegan diet, think again. Although animal products like meat and dairy can harbor harmful bacteria, so can produce and grains. Take the time to learn about which specific vegan and vegetarian foods can potentially put you at risk for suffering from food poisoning and how you can reduce these risks through proper food handling and storage....
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Food Poisoning Facts: True or False?

If you think you know a lot about food poisoning, test your knowledge by trying to guess whether the following statements are true or false. If you get them all right, you are well-versed in food poisoning. If not, take some time to learn more about different types of food poisoning, how they are transmitted, their symptoms, and how to treat them. In fact, do this anyway – it never hurts to refresh your knowledge or learn something new. Fruits with Rinds are Safe from Harmful Bacteria...
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