Medical Products Liability Posts in February, 2018

Four Dog Food Companies Issue Recalls Amid Salmonella Fears

When a pet suffers from food poisoning, every member of the household is at risk of becoming ill. Recently, four pet food brands issued recalls of their products after reports linked them to a Salmonella outbreak. Six pets died or became ill after consuming the pet food products. Two children also became ill, though it is not currently known if this was because the children consumed the pet food or if they became ill from being exposed to the pathogens in the food....
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Protect Yourself from Food Poisoning with Your Smartphone?

It might soon be possible for individuals who become ill to identify whether their symptoms were caused by food poisoning with a simple smartphone accessory. Food scientists at UMass Amherst have developed a way to examine samples of potentially contaminated food with a smartphone app that uses a $30 microscope attachment. Using a Microscope Attachment to Test Samples for Harmful Bacteria...
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