Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy Gel Manufacturer Faces Lawsuits

In recent years, testosterone therapies to help men with erectile dysfunction or low testosterone levels have become more common than ever. With the advances in such medication, however, come advances in risks that accompany such treatment. According to WebMD.com, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), are not as common as one may think.
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Testosterone Therapy on the Rise

Testosterone therapy entices its users with the promise of increased muscle mass, boosted libido, increased energy levels, and sharpened concentration and memory. As men age, they begin to see testosterone therapy as a viable option to help them get back some of their youth. Testosterone therapy involves the taking of testosterone medicines to increase one’s testosterone levels.
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Lawsuits Filed against Testosterone Therapy Makers

Several forms of testosterone therapy have come under fire lately due to concerns for patient safety. According to WebMD, while the practice of prescribing hormonal therapy treatment to men with low testosterone has recently become more and more common, the long-term safety and side effects are not yet clear.
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Determining True Need for Testosterone Therapy Can be Difficult

Testosterone therapies for men with low levels of the hormone have become increasingly popular in recent years. The American Medical Association issued a report in 2013 that stated that between 2001 and 2011, “the use of hormones among men over 40 increased by almost 360 percent,” as noted by Fox News. These types of therapies, while very popular, come with high associated risks—mostly involving heart failure and function.
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Low T Therapy: Medical Breakthrough or Unnecessary Risk?

Testosterone therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years as discussions of male hypogonadism have become more commonplace. Male hypogonadism occurs when a man has low levels of testosterone, shorthanded as low T. To help overcome low T levels, men undergo testosterone therapy to help the body produce the correct levels of hormones that it would not otherwise sufficiently produce.
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