Wrongful Death

Orangeburg County Elder Care Facility Facing Multiple Lawsuits

Court documents filed in Orangeburg County show that multiple people have filed claims against Phaire’s Care as well as the owner of the elder care facility. One of the lawsuits was filed on behalf of Rena Mae Zinnerman’s estate by Darlene Bethea who claims that the owner of the assisted living facility, Carlton Phaire, was transporting Zinnerman along with three other residents when he had an accident. Zinnerman died 10 days after the crash due to her injuries.
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What Kind of Car Accident is the Most Deadly?

Any car accident can be deadly. Whether a car accident results in fatalities depends on a variety of factors, including the speed at which it happened, the angle at which it happened, whether the drivers and passengers in the vehicles were wearing seat belts, the age and overall fitness levels of the drivers and passengers, and whether there were additional issues that made the collision worse, like a slick roadway.
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Why Summer is the Most Dangerous Time of Year for New Drivers

The 100-day span from Memorial Day to Labor Day is often known as the “100 Most Dangerous Days for Teen Drivers.” This is because statistically, this is the time of year when teenage drivers are most likely to be involved in car accidents and suffer injuries. In the summer, teen driver deaths are about 15% higher than they are during other times of the year.
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Risky Cardiovascular Procedures and Known Defective Devices

Heart surgery and the implementation of a heart device are very serious procedures. According to the New York University Langone Medical Center coronary revascularization is one of the most risky heart procedures for patients; however, it is recommended for heart failure patients who have a varying degree of severity of heart problems.
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HeartMate II Pocket Controller Responsible for Four Deaths

Sometimes the medical devices meant to keep you alive are more dangerous than the condition they are meant to alleviate. When Thoratec introduced its HeartMate II monitor with pocket control, patients across the U.S. lauded the introduction as an easier way to deal with a debilitating condition.
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Consumer Advocacy Group Wants Warranties on Medical Devices

The business of hip and knee implants is growing.  It’s not just baby boomers who need these implants, but the under 65 market is expanding as well.  Estimates are that by 2030 when 4 million replacements will be put in, half of all patients will be under 65.  Since people are getting replacements at a younger age, they will have th
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The Adverse Effects of Defensive Medicine

Doctors spend years studying medicine before they are allowed to make care decisions.  Even once they receive their doctoral degrees, they work underneath doctors with tenure and on the job experience.  Yet the fear of lawsuits makes most doctors practice defensive medicine.  That means that instead of focusing on helping a patient, these doctors are practice medicine to avoid legal action.
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Veteran Files Lawsuit Due to Tainted Shots

A nasty fungal meningitis outbreak in Tennessee has left several families and patients reeling with new injuries sustained after a tainted steroid shot was administered in several facilities across the state, according to The Tennessean. One of the recent lawsuits to be filed due to this incident was filed on behalf of Major Adam Ziegler, 33. Major Ziegler is a veteran of wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
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