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Two Defective Ventilator Products Recalled by FDA

A ventilator is a machine that assists people who are unable to breath by mechanically supplying oxygen and pulling out poisonous carbon dioxide.  They can usually be found in intensive care units, emergency rooms, and when receiving healthcare at home.  They can also be used during surgery for people who are under anesthesia, in case their heart is slowed too much.  There are also manual units which are pumped during activities like CPR....
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A medical device that might make you eligible for compensation

Back in 2010, the FDA sent an open warning letter to DePuy Orthopaedics Inc., because the company had started producing and marketing their metal-to-metal joint replacement device Trumatch without an FDA approval.  The company was also marketing a hip replacement device in cases where it had no approval for doing so. Here is a link to the FDA warning letter....
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Parents suing pharmaceutical company over baby’s heart defect

Parents who had a baby with a serious heart defect sued a drug manufacturer and a number of others, saying medication prescribed to the mother caused the defect. Among others named as defendants are the local pharmacy and the mother’s physician. The Montana Standard reported a story on this court case....
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FDA joins medical device association with key role

On December 3, 2012 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that the agency has become a part of a nonprofit group that consists of representatives from across the medical device industry, nonprofit associations, and the government....
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Lawsuit against Anti-stroke drug Pradaxa

The on-going problem with an array of medication is that the side effects can be more damaging than the affliction being treated.  That is the argument being made in the case of Barbara Jean Asher.  The Asher family filed a lawsuit against Boehringer Ingelheim, makers of Pradaxa seeking damages for punitive damages, medical expenses, and other costs associated with her ailments.  Pradaxa is a blood thinning medication which intends to stop people from having blood clots and reduce the risks of strokes for pe...
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Birth Control Device Nuvaring under Review for Side Effects

Birth control pills are very annoying as they need to be taken at the same time every day for three weeks at a time.  While this is difficult for some women to handle, newer measures exist that are easier to maintain.  That was the thinking that led to the design of Nuvaring, which is a self-administered contraceptive device in the form of a...
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Medical Devices Claim To Be Safe

Portable bed rails give the impression that they will be protective. Yet according to the Biomedical Safety & Standards, bed rails actually increase injury and death. The Federal Trade Commission has been asked to demand that manufacturers stop using false advertising. Consumers have filed 525 deaths to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration involving the bed rails....
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Partial Recall Issued for Medication Contaminated with Glass

A recent recall of the drug atorvastatin, the generic form of Lipitor, has left many consumers confused as to what they should do with the bottles of the medication they have sitting in their medicine cabinets. Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, which produces the drug, have directed pharmacists not to dispense the drug because it may contain specks of glass....
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