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Bedsores Linked to Nursing Home Neglect in Chicago

Nursing home residents should not have bedsores, as they are often a linked to improper care. Unfortunately, bedsores are common amongst the most ill nursing home residents because these individuals are often confined to a bed or wheelchair. Bedsores can appear on several parts of the body including on your loved one’s back, hips, elbows, ankles, and heels.

It is important to know the signs of bedsores, so that you can recognize and get your loved one the care and attention he or she deserves:

  • The first stage of bedsores is an early indication that your loved one may not be cared for properly. In its first stage, bedsores appear as red, purple, or blue marks on the skin. Heat may also radiate from the skin. If left untreated, bedsores will worsen and enter into the second, third, and fourth stages.
  • In the second stage, bedsores appear as abrasions on the skin.
  • In the third stage, bedsores appear as large open wounds. They are very painful to the victims of nursing home neglect.
  • In the final stage, bedsores appear as crater like wounds. Nursing home residents experience extreme pain while dealing with stage 4 bedsores, and are susceptible to infection.

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There are a variety of reasons for nursing home neglect causing bedsores:

  • Understaffing: Preventing bedsores in nursing home residents who are bedridden or confined to a wheelchair require frequent and consistent care. It has been recommended that bedridden patients be repositioned every two hours to prevent bedsores while patients who are confined to a wheelchair should be repositioned every 15 minutes. When nursing homes are understaffed personnel are not able to monitor, inspect, and care for patients as often as they should, allowing the ideal environment for bedsores to exist.
  • Inexperience: Hands on experience is a necessary part of any job. Some staff members may not have the experience necessary to know how to properly recognize, clean, and treat a patient with bedsores. A patient’s bedsores may worsen before they are recognized and properly treated.
  • Caregiver Stress: Many individuals face daily stressors and the same holds true for nursing home caregivers. The stress is often brought to work which affects the overall quality of care

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Nursing home caregivers are hired to ensure that your family members are properly cared for. When a nursing home provider fails to perform his or her necessary duties, your loved one is susceptible to injuries. Your loved one should not suffer due to the negligence of another. To promptly and effectively deal with nursing home negligence, contact an experienced Chicago attorney today.

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