Use of Excessive Force in Illinois

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There are a number of individuals who are responsible for protecting the population as a part of their daily job functions. Their on-the-job duties include stopping threats by restraining those who are at risk of harming others. The amount of force necessary to restrain an individual is often a judgment call based on the skill, training, and circumstances of the incident. Unfortunately, individuals often use force that is greater than necessary to stop the threat. If you or your loved one has been injured in an incident involving excessive force, you need a lawyer. The attorneys at Newland & Newland, LLP will be happy to meet with you for a risk free initial consultation.

Suits Against School Officials

School resource officers often use excessive force when restraining students. However, lawsuits against public schools for injuries associated with excessive force by a school official can be tricky. Public school systems have greater protections afforded to them; however, the protections are not absolute. A school official may be sued if the force used is beyond that which is necessary, as these are not protected activities. When filing a suit against a school, you want to speak with an attorney for a thorough review of the facts and circumstances regarding your case.

Lawsuits Against Law Enforcement

Law enforcement often uses abusive tactics when attempting to restrain victims. Anything that occurs prior to, during, or after an arrest can be considered excessive force. In recent years, excessive and unjustified force has been recorded and exposed, leading to settlements across the United States. Some common examples of excessive force include the use of lethal force while a suspect is fleeing, the use of chokeholds, or using unnecessary force after a suspect is restrained. Law enforcement officers are public officials that are put in place to protect and serve. While this type of job is difficult every day, when law enforcement officers use excessive force, they should be held accountable for the injuries they have caused.

Excessive Force by Security

Excessive force claims can also be brought against security personnel. Defendants typically include security personnel hired by business establishments to monitor merchandise in stores, security guards in apartment buildings, and to oversee events as security personnel. While acting in their official capacity, they are required to act using the least amount of force necessary to stop the harm. When excessive force is used in this capacity, a lawsuit may be initiated against a third party security company and/or the business establishment that hired the security company.

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