Jail Suicide

Dedicated personal injury litigators obtaining relief for victims who have suffered fatal injuries while in a jail or prison.

The legal system has created various laws to establish order in society. There are rules in place to punish those who commit crimes as a way to protect society from criminal offenders. While there is certainly a purpose in the criminal justice system, the needs of every individual placed into the system is not always accounted for. The attorneys at Newland & Newland, LLP understand that the criminal justice system is not a “one-size fits all” type of system and, in some instances, jail or prison sometimes does more harm than good. However, jail suicide is not always “just a suicide.” Thousands of individuals commit suicide in jails and prisons each year. Law enforcement officials may be held responsible when an inmate is harmed by others or inflicts self-harm. If your loved one committed suicide while in the custody of a jail or prison under questionable circumstances, speak with an experienced attorney today to determine your rights to relief.

Duty of Care

When a suspect is held in custody or incarcerated at a jail or prison, it is a common belief that his or her rights are severely limited or that the individual does not have rights at all. While it is true that the everyday rights that individuals enjoy when they are not incarcerated are not available to inmates, there are still a variety of protections available to those incarcerated individuals. In fact, jails and prisons have a legal obligation to protect inmates. Failure to provide an adequate amount of care often exposes officials to lawsuits for negligence or wrongful death by the family members of the injured party.

You Deserve Answers

Many times, abusive practices lead to jail suicide. Withholding of medications have been known to exacerbate dangerous mental health conditions. In addition, fear of continued physical abuse by guards or other inmates also enhance an inmate’s desire to commit suicide. In most cases, jail suicide occurs when inmates are isolated and do not have adequate supervision by security.

When a jail suicide occurs, a full investigation is necessary to determine the cause. When a suicide occurs while in the custody of law enforcement, the jail or prison may be liable for the fatal injuries your loved one sustained. In many cases, signs of suicidal tendencies appear long before the act itself. Determining the cause of the suicide is the most important aspect to a claim that may be filed on behalf of a loved one. Our attorneys are experienced litigators who want to assist you in uncovering the reasons to help answer why the suicide occurred. Once we get you the answers you deserve, we will help get you the relief for the unnecessary loss you have sustained.

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