Slip and Fall Accidents in Icy Parking Lots

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As the weather begins to change, personal injury attorneys inevitably begin to feel concern for what this year’s winter weather will bring. Winter conditions pose a threat to everyone from the moment they become exposed to the hazardous weather conditions. Each year, thousands are injured in accidents or incidents involving slip and falls on ice. If you or your loved one has become the next victim of a slip and fall accident in an icy parking lot, you want to be sure you obtain adequate legal representation to determine your rights to relief. Our experienced Illinois personal injury attorneys want to help you get the relief you deserve. For a risk-free initial consultation, contact Newland & Newland, LLP today.

Negligence and Icy Parking Lots

In many cases, slip and falls in icy parking lots are a result of negligence. In Illinois, negligence must be proven by sufficiently showing that an individual had a duty, that the individual failed to act with the required level of care, and as a result you sustained damages. Meeting this burden is sometimes challenging. However, landowners and their tenants are responsible for keeping the premises in such a way that allows guests to safely enter, move around, and exit the premises. When icy conditions occur, one or more parties may be responsible for ensuring that the parking lots were properly treated with salt or other proper methods to prevent accidents. If the facts and circumstances of your case indicate that the responsible party failed to do so, the attorneys at Newland & Newland, LLP can talk to you about your options to seek compensation.

Injuries Associated with Slip and Falls

Injuries associated with slip and falls can range from those that are minor in nature to those that are devastating and cause significant harm to the individual and all those who rely on the injured party. Some common injuries associated with slip and falls on ice include:

  • Cuts and Bruises: Cuts and bruises often occur from either attempting to break one’s fall or striking objects during the fall.
  • Concussions: Traumatic Brain injuries occur as a result of a blunt force to the head. Concussions are a mild form of a traumatic brain injury which can occur from the head striking an object or the ground during a fall.
  • Broken Bones and Fractures: Broken Bones and fractures typically occur to one’s arms, wrists, or back. However, our attorneys have also saw injuries to one’s upper extremities such as the neck and collarbone.

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