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One unfortunate reality of life is that at some point every person experiences death. Although you or your loved one may be in good health, the timing of death is always uncertain. The attorneys at Newland & Newland, LLP want to make sure you are prepared for the unknown. Our attorneys understand that you are in the best position to determine your own healthcare desires. Let our attorneys assist you in preparing a healthcare directive to ensure your wishes are protected when you are no longer able to communicate your desires.

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Determining a course of action that can prolong life and have the ultimate effect of saving your life may seem ideal to your loved ones but may not be in your best interests. Some individuals have vocalized their desire to refuse treatments such as life support or blood transfusions because of religious, moral, or social factors. Unfortunately, some individuals’ wishes are not honored because of their loved ones’ hopes for another day with them. Drafting a healthcare directive, also known as a living will, gives you the power to provide your healthcare professional guidance regarding your wishes in advance. Failing to draft a healthcare directive leaves these important decisions to your family members, which may cause undue heartache and turmoil among them.

Understanding Your Healthcare Directive Options

When you meet with an attorney at Newland & Newland, LLP, we will discuss the potential consequences of declining specific types of treatment in your healthcare directive. Some of the discussions will surround your decision to:

  • Withhold artificial food and water;
  • Withhold blood transfusions;
  • Refuse use of a defibrillator;
  • Become an organ donor.

Estate planning is a difficult task as it forces one to think about the unimaginable. These considerations should not be taken likely. Our attorneys will encourage you to speak with your loved ones to determine the option that is best for you. When speaking with an attorney at Newland & Newland, LLP you can rest assured that you are receiving valuable information that will assist in making these difficult decisions.

 It is important to understand that while living wills are designed to protect your interests, they can be changed. Living wills are not permanent legal documents. A living will can be changed or cancelled at any time. More importantly, if you are competent and able to communicate your wishes, your desires will be followed. Our attorneys can assist you in modifying an already established estate plan to meet your current needs.

You never know when a tragedy is going to strike. Let us help you plan for the future. Newland & Newland, LLP is a full service law firm representing individuals in their estate planning needs, with offices located in Arlington Heights, Libertyville, Chicago, Cary, and Waukegan. For an initial consultation, contact Newland & Newland, LLP today.

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