Sarcoidosis Lawyer

Gary Newland, Partner in Newland & Newland, LLP, represents individuals suffering from Sarcoidosis.  As a Sarcoidosis attorney he understands the complexities of an occupational lung disease.  Sarcoidosis can also be found in other organs besides the lungs.  In fact pulmonary Sarcoidosis can develop into pulmonary fibrosis.  Many people do not realize that occupational lung diseases are the number one cause of work related illness and most occupational lung diseases are caused by repeated long term exposure or possibly even a severe single exposure to a hazardous agent.

The symptoms of occupational lung disease start with:

  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Abnormal breathing patterns
  • Chest tightness
  • Chest pain

Additionally Sarcoidosis can result in:

  • Fever
  • Night sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Weight loss
  • Inflammation of the eyes
  • Skin rashes on the face arms and shin
  • Cough that will not go away

If you are suffering from Sarcoidosis or some other type of occupational lung disease contact Gary A. Newland at Newland & Newland, LLP

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