What Kind of Car Accident is the Most Deadly?

Any car accident can be deadly. Whether a car accident results in fatalities depends on a variety of factors, including the speed at which it happened, the angle at which it happened, whether the drivers and passengers in the vehicles were wearing seat belts, the age and overall fitness levels of the drivers and passengers, and whether there were additional issues that made the collision worse, like a slick roadway.

When a victim dies in a car accident, his or her loved ones can pursue monetary compensation for their damages related to the death through a wrongful death claim. Additionally, any individual injured in a collision can pursue compensation for his or her damages through a personal injury claim.

Head-on Collisions are the Most Deadly

There are a few different types of collision. These include:

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), frontal, or head-on, collisions are the most deadly type of collision. In 2016, head-on collisions accounted for 54% of highway traffic deaths.

A head-on collision is exactly what it sounds like - a collision in which two vehicles crash into each other's front ends or one car's front end comes into contact with a stationary object. This type of collisions is the most dangerous because the driver bears the brunt of the impact. The vehicle's hood, which contains its engine and other hot, heavy machinery while the vehicle is turned on, can be pushed back into the cabin and severely burn and disfigured the victim.

Compensation for Serious Injury Damages

A head-on collision can leave a victim permanently paralyzed or facing other long-term complications related to a serious injury, such as permanent disfigurement or permanent cognitive impairment due to a traumatic brain injury. Through a personal injury claim, the victim can pursue compensation for all the financial damages he or she experienced and will experience in the future because of the injury, including future medical costs, lost wages for the remainder of his or her career, and compensation for the victim's dramatically reduced quality of life due to permanent disabilities.

After any car accident, it is in your best interest to seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible. This will reduce your chance of the injuries becoming worse by being left untreated. Your doctor can also provide valuable testimony to support your personal injury claim.

Work with an Experienced Palatine Car Accident Lawyer

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