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As any parent will tell you, there is nothing quite like seeing your child's face for the very first time. The moment represents not only the culmination of the childbirth process but also of many months of pregnancy and prenatal care. For some parents, however, the moment becomes all too serious when they realize that their child's face is affected by partial or full paralysis.

At Newland & Newland, LLP, we understand that seeing your child suffering from facial paralysis can be absolutely devastating. We also realize that the complications associated with facial paralysis are often life-changing. Our compassionate attorneys are prepared to help you figure out what happened to cause the problem and to take appropriate action in addressing the situation.

Causes of Facial Paralysis During Childbirth

Facial paralysis or facial nerve palsy due to birth trauma is defined as the loss of voluntary muscle movement in an infant's face caused by pressure on the facial nerve prior to or at the time of birth. The seventh cranial nerve is also known as the facial nerve, and it is responsible for relaying signals between the brain and the muscles of the face. If this nerve is damaged or pressure is applied to the nerve, the child may lose the ability to control some or all of his or her facial muscles. The most common type of facial nerve palsy affects the lower part of the nerve-the part that is associated with the muscles surrounding the lips. The muscle weakness becomes especially evident when the baby is crying.

In some cases, the cause of facial paralysis is not known, but medical research suggests that difficult deliveries and the use of forceps contribute to the likelihood of the condition. Notable risk factors for facial nerve palsy due to birth trauma include:

  • Large babies;
  • Long pregnancies or labor;
  • The use of spinal anesthesia, also called an epidural; and
  • Medicines used to induce labor, such as Pitocin.

Most of the time, facial paralysis resolves on its own, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, the extent of the problem is much greater, and additional intervention such as surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve may be needed. In more serious cases, the child may even require physical and speech therapy as a result of the condition.

Collecting Compensation for Facial Paralysis in Cook County

Attorney Gary A. Newland and his team realize how difficult it can be to prove that your child's facial nerve palsy was caused by negligence. However, we will conduct a full investigation into the circumstances of the labor and delivery to determine exactly what happened and who might be to blame. For example, if the doctor failed to identify and address the appropriate risk factors, he or she might be liable for the injuries your child sustained.

Our team will also help you determine the extent of your child's condition and the costs associated with his or her ongoing care. Doing so often requires the input from our vast network of trusted medical experts who we rely on for their experience and knowledge. We promise to do everything possible to get you the compensation you need to give your child the life he or she deserves.

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