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Did you know that medical errors are so common in the United States that they are now considered to be the third-leading cause of death nationwide? Only cancer and heart disease claim more lives per year. While medical errors can cause problems for patients of any age, they can be especially dangerous when they happen during childbirth. When medical negligence causes a birth injury, the child could be facing a lifetime full of potential problems.

At Newland & Newland, LLP, our attorneys understand the importance of holding doctors, hospitals, and medical professionals accountable for negligence that causes birth injuries. We know that any labor and delivery can become very complicated very quickly. However, when a doctor fails to recognize certain risks or uses particular equipment or techniques that could cause injuries, that doctor could be responsible for the injuries sustained by the child or the mother.

Labor and Delivery Malpractice Lawyers in Des Plaines and Wheeling

Attorney Gary A. Newland and the rest of the team at our firm recognize that some birth injuries simply cannot be prevented, and when such injuries occur, they are not always the fault of the attending medical staff. In too many cases, however, doctors in the delivery room do not identify potential problems until it is too late. Other times, the doctor may make a hasty decision and cause a life-changing injury to the child as a result.

Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys represent the families of children who have been affected by:

Injuries like these are often the result of the delivery doctor improperly using tools such as vacuums and forceps or by failing to order a cesarean section quickly when a c-section becomes necessary. In some cases, poor prenatal care can result in birth injuries. If your doctor failed to recommend appropriate screenings and prenatal tests, your child could be at risk for serious problems or complications.

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If your child is dealing with an injury caused by negligence or an error made during his or her birth, you might feel hopeless and overwhelmed about the future. Fortunately, our attorneys have more than 60 years of combined experience, and we are equipped to help. We will go right to work in conducting a full investigation of the circumstances of your case. As appropriate, we will examine medical records, previous complaints made against the doctor or hospital, and any other details that could be important in building your case. Newland & Newland, LLP also works closely with a network of trusted, fully qualified medical experts whose input might be important in proving that your child's injury was caused by negligence.

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