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Case Results

Personal Injury

  • $1,725,000Rear end collision resulting in cervical fusion and fibromyalgia
  • $1,700,000Trip and fall on carpet
  • $1,500,000Side swipe auto crash back injury $45,000.00 in specials no surgery. Could not be a union piper fitter any further
  • $1,400,000Herniated discs and aggravated degenerative conditions from a rear end automobile accident in Lake County, IL
  • $1,400,000For a fall at a store causing back injury
  • $1,200,000Car accident in Lake County Illinois. Injured knee and was not able to return to work at a grocery store. Entire Policy of insurance
  • $1,000,000Numerous food poisoning outbreaks throughout Illinois and Wisconsin
  • $880,000Slip and fall on pier on Fox River
  • $750,000Federal tort against U.S. Post Office for CRPS
  • $620,000+Post-traumatic stress disorder claim related to a physical assault at a Cook County hospital. The injured party had no permanent physical injury
  • $550,000Rotator cuff tear with cervical injury
  • $550,000Car accident with municipality as a defendant. Shoulder injury and knee injury along with post-traumatic stress.
  • $500,000A client was injured as a wheel broke off a semi trailer on the expressway and struck his vehicle traveling in the opposite direction at a combined speed of approximately 100 miles per hour. His injury was to his foot and back, and he required about $30,000 in medical treatment. The case, however, had a unique aspect pertaining to a birth defect. The client was born with one hand. The injury created work restrictions on a man who was already limited. He obtained a settlement largely based upon future lost wages and the fact that the trucking company had been sanctioned throughout the litigation for discovery violations.
  • $480,000Car crash resulting in fusion
  • $450,000Domestic battery of girlfriend
  • $440,000Back injury and surgery
  • $400,000For a Segway injury to foot
  • $400,000Slip and fall back injury
  • $395,000Rotator cuff tear in car crash
  • $350,000Herniated disc in a 61 year old man from a lifting injury
  • $345,000Slip and Fall on Ice outside theater injured shoulder
  • $300,000CRPS foot injury
  • $300,000For loss of little toe in vehicle crash
  • $250,000Aggravation of pre-existing hip Injury
  • $250,000Aggravation of pre-existing shoulder and back
  • $250,000Fall at Rivers Casino resulting in un-operated hip injury
  • $250,000Shoulder injury in car crash on Edens
  • $240,000Crushed to death by granite
  • $220,000Loss of big toe
  • $200,000Food poisoning aggravation of multiple sclerosis pre-existing condition
  • $205,000Fractured humerus in car crash
  • $175,000Rotator cuff injury
  • $150,000Assault and battery resulting in back injury
  • $145,000Loss of thumb
  • $135,000A client working for one airline at O'Hare Airport had a crate lowered down on his finger by another airline. As a result, he had the tip of his index finger amputated just below the nail. Though the client did not have any permanent work restrictions and was otherwise normal, we obtained a judgment of $135,000 with approximately $8,000 in medical bills.
  • $132,500Rotator cuff injury
  • $120,000Food poisoning resulting in aggravation of celiac disease
  • $100,000Car crash resulting in broken arm
  • $90,000Partial loss of middle finger
  • $88,000Post-traumatic stress injury from hold-up
  • $65,000A five year old client was scarred in the face by a dog bite. The girl had less than $5,000 in medical bills, and we settled for $65,000.
  • $53,000Client had been food poisoned by a local restaurant chain. The client was in the hospital for several days, as the doctors could not diagnose her at first. The client settled before trial for $53,000. She had no permanent injury. The restaurant chain paid additional funds to purchase the client's silence to avoid negative publicity.

Medical Malpractice

  • $4,500,000Medical Malpractice against a Hospital in Chicago
  • $4,000,000Heart valve surgery malpractice
  • $300,000Defective medical product
  • $300,000Medical malpractice failure to secure patient in bed
  • We had a client that indicated her saline breast implants had leaked, necessitating replacement. After discussing the client's lifestyle with the client, we determined that the odds of two breast implants leaking without a physical impact were very low. Further research showed the implants were banned in the United Kingdom because the implants leaked. We are in the process of seeking a nation wide class action status.

Workers' Compensation

  • $4,600,000Arm cut off from a work machine and product liability and spoliation
  • $780,000Construction injury to back
  • $700,000Rotator cuff work injury
  • $550,000Rotator Injury permanent restrictions loss of job
  • $550,000Rotator Cuff tear permanent restrictions neck strain and loss of job
  • $400,000Slip and Fall back surgery
  • $300,000Construction injury to lungs that resulted in a coughing condition
  • $300,000Rotator tesr permanent restrictiond
  • $165,000Meniscus tear permsnent resrtictions
  • $135,000A client working for one airline at O'Hare Airport has a crate lowered down on the client's finger by another airline. As a result he had the tip of his index finger amputated just below the nail by the incident. Though the client did not have any permanent work restrictions and the client was otherwise normal, the client obtained a judgment of $135,000 with approximately $8,000 in medical bills.
  • $105,000Back injury fusion one level full duty

Other Cases

  • $11,000,000Settlement of nationwide food poisoning salmonella outbreak with life altering injuries.
  • $1,000,000+Food Poisoning outbreaks in Chicago.
  • $1,000,000+Represented hundreds of clients in class actions through out the state of Illinois for deceptive trade practices collecting over $1,000,000.
  • $46,000+Our client purchased a house with her siblings. Our client only lived in the house for a few months. She contributed only a few thousand dollars to the purchase of the property and contributed nothing further. One of her siblings forged her name on a deed that transferred title out of her name. We sued for fraud, conversion, breach of contract, and quantum merit. She received over $46,000 through settlement.
  • A client was concerned because she never received interest on her apartment security deposit. We investigated and determined the owner of the complex was one of the largest landlords in Illinois. We also discovered they had rather unscrupulous practices with respect to return of security deposits, and we are seeking state wide class action status. We are attempting to have the law apply to all the buildings owned in Illinois. The total number of class members is in the thousands. We are utilizing Illinois Consumer Fraud Law and laws pertaining to refund of the security deposit and interest to be paid thereon.
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