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Aggressive and Professional
Mr. Newland represented me when I fell at Walmart. My life was forever changed. He was very experienced with Walmart cases and obtained the video. He was able to convince Walmart to pay a significant amount of money. Two lawyers turned down my case and then I was referred to Newland & Newland by a friend that happened to be another lawyer. I highly recommend Mr. Newland

Thank you
very helpful and responsive

Was afraid and scared about my future. Afraid I was going to loose everything. Thank you Gary for being there for me and my family. At times the process was intimidating but you were always there and protected us.

Peace of Mind! It matters who your attorney is!
If you are not sure who to use then go to Newland & Newland LLP. I met with a several lawyers. Gary told me it was good to shop around and put no pressure on me. I chose Gary because he new the doctors involved, he had cases with the adjuster, he new what treatment I had and what I would need and could explain it clearer than my doctor at times. He also told the truth about how long the case would take. Was not in for quick short money. My treatment went on for sometime. I chose him because of his experience although he is a good guy as well. I know I made the right choice. The settlement was everything I needed. I highly recommend the entire firm. Helpful and responsive.

I was looking to hire a lawyer to defend me in a lawsuit so I went for the free phone consultation. He told me that my homeowners insurance should cover my case. He suggested that I file a claim with my insurance. He was right. His free advise saved me a lot of money and headaches. I am thankful that I went to see him.

An Attorney Who Cares About Your Peace Of Mind
I was looking to hire a lawyer to defend me in a lawsuit so I went for the free phone consultation. He told me that my homeowners insurance should cover my case. He suggested that I file a claim with my insurance. He was right. His free advise saved me a lot of money and headaches. I am thankful that I went to see him.Sit down with Gary Newland and you begin to feel at ease. Here, in front of you, is a professional—a man known to a lot of people as a friend—who has a thriving Law Practice in the hub of Chicago’s NW suburbs, Arlington Heights. From his pictures, it looks like he has a thriving family as well. Sure you need timely and accurate legal advice, and you have made some mistakes along the way, but at no time are you judged. If anything with Gary, he tells you--and you truly feel—that you are not alone in your situation. In itself, that is comforting. But again, the lecture just doesn’t come. Hackneyed legal phrases and solutions swirling on the web and plucked off-the-cuff from every legal wannabe you would give ear to gently fade away at the onset of Gary’s questions: “What is in your family’s best interests,” and “what actions will allow you and your wife to sleep well every night?” This type of line of questioning continues. Adherence to the Law becomes your new tenet as you listen to Gary; even if you were a prudent person previously, your good character and sound practices are strengthened. Gary brings his new brand of Law, a “holistic legal approach,” right to you, meshing many facets of your life into a legal ‘road map’ you will construct with him. Funny, but after feeling the ‘punch to the budget’ by corporate attorneys in my professional life, I had no sense of the consultation’s time or any meeting’s time, for that matter—you are on Gary’s Team and he will see you through this difficulty. And so it was during my encounters with Gary. I solved my immediate legal problems as quickly as was possible and set up a path with a new network of people in place to ensure that dealings would be handled correctly going forward. I believe Gary’s firm handles a wide variety of legal work. My guess after many office visits and many hours speaking with Gary is that his “holistic” approach carries through to his entire staff across all legal arenas. I would highly recommend him for all Law matters—although I am told he excels in Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Food Poisoning, Foreclosure Ddefense, Estate Planning and Real Estate Law as well. 8-8, 7 days a week: That might be the answer to the question, “what are his office hours?” He is a hard-working man: Very impressive. Quite often I would receive a response to a quick e-mail; Gary and his staff are always looking to put your mind at ease when they can. Finally….. The costs involved now appear to be miniscule compared to the return I received—and the sleep I gained: My wife too. I highly recommend Gary. Hope your experience is equal to mine.

Knowledgeable and Reasonable
I came to Gary Newland for help because I was injured, fired, was loosing my house and my wife was leaving me. I think I did not really believe things would get better but a friend of mine that was represented by Newland & Newland explained my life was worth fighting for and talked me into meeting with Mr. Newland. Mr. Newland explained that the process was not going to be a sprint but a was a marathon and he took a great deal of time to explain how he would be compensated and set me up for a payment plan to save my house from foreclosure. He also explained he did not represent folks with divorce and wrongful termination and referred me to other lawyers. He handled my work comp claim and was paid in the end and also found out that he could file a personal injury claim as well. His staff was very nice and he always called me back but since he is busy it was not as quickly as I would like. Mr. Newland was always willing to meet with me when I was stressed out. I have had a total of 4 lawyers and there is a difference. I thought it was interesting how when we went to court everyone new him so well from the sheriff to the other attorneys. I felt very comfortable because he was very familiar with the system. People from the court house came up to him and other lawyers asked legal questions of him and it was fascinating to watch and listen. This guy is a good guy to have in your corner wants to leave you better. He deserves respect and that is why I call him Mr. Newland even though he asked to be called Gary. Everything worked out real well and I have a good life.

Works Hard and Smart
Got what I paid paid for and a great deal more. Gary Newland always told me what I could expect and was always there to answer my questions. He has a excellent team that does a great job as well. I was referred to Gary Newland by another attorney who is a friend of mine. He said Gary is the best and I agree.

Truly excellent lawyer
Gary is not only an excellent lawyer, he is an excellent person. He has a way of handling stressful situations in a very calm and understanding matter. He handled my situation to perfection and maximized what I could get out of it. Highly recommended.

Thank you Gary
I met with several lawyers before hiring Gary Newland. Gary had a systematic approach for dealing with my issues and I had several. He said how important it was to leave me better over all. Basically Newland and Newland LLP represented me in a workers compensation case and a personal injury case. With money collected my family is taken care of and I will not need to return to work. He also got me a loan modification on my house. The firm also represented my parents and helped them keep their home. Gary always got back to me when I called although sometimes not as quickly as I would like but would even call me on weekends and evenings

When you need help go to Newland & Newland LLP
It is a long story but I have 14 properties left and had 20 investment properties. Gary and his firm got me out of a mess. Several lawyers referred me so I new who to use for my problem. I went form being over 5000 cash flow negative to over 6000 cash flow positive. Got out of several bad real estate investments and I did not need to file for bankruptcy. I also had a second mortgage foregiven and 14 loan modifications. Talked with many lawyers but the only that really understood was Gary. The fees were reasonable and the temperment and professionalism is outstanding.

Made it look easy.
I went to see Mr. Newland after being referred to him by by both a friend and independently a lawyer who knows of him for a personal injury. Mr. Newland took charge of my case and filed a lawsuit within a week of being hired. I recieved my settlement in less than a year and it was more than I could have expected. His brother Steve Newland also did a Chapter 13 bankruptcy for my best friend and she thinks Steve Newland is great.

He has changed my life and is the only lawyer I will ever use!
A genuine person that actually cares. Gary represented me in several matters. He was the third lawyer I had met with and seemed to know as much about how my knee as my doctor. He even explained things about my knee that my doctor did not have the time to explain. Anyways I hired him and he always returned my phone calls and explained to me what would happen. When the case was over I new I had gone to the best. Latter.

He exceeds expectation, honest and has integrity!
Gary defended me against Bank of America in a foreclosure case. He actually filed a law suit against the bank. My principal was reduced by over $150,000.00 and my interest rate reduced to 2 percent. My family and I could stay in our home and it was not under water anymore. At the end of the case he refunded money we paid him that he said he did not earn. Two other lawyers actually told me to use Gary and now I understand why.

Gary changed my life and my brothers
Gary changed my life in so many ways. Gary would not let my employer take advantage of me. He really knows the law and would not give up. First he won at trial and then he won on appeal. He made my employer pay what they owed. He also helped my brother who had RSD and really understands what people are going through. You can count on Gary. As for his brother Steve Newland he is just as good and got me a loan modification on my house that saved my home.

Glad I found him
Gary recently handled a case for me. I found him to be very friendly, helpful and sympathetic. He always had time to talk with me about my concerns and he really stayed on top of things. When Gary asks "How are you doing?" it's not just a greeting, he really cares. I consider him a friend. He drove a hard bargain on my behalf and I highly recommend him.

A truely gifted and caring professional that will always go the extra mile!
Having known Mr. Gary Newland for many years, I recommend him without reservation. He has represented me in Real Estate dealings, contracts and professional agreements. I've also had the first hand experience working with Mr. Newland during depositions and have witnessed him always go the extra mile to do his best for his clients. He truly cares, is honest and trustworthy, and is committed to standing strong no matter the size of the challenge. No matter what brings you to Mr. Newland's office, consider yourself in the right place as he will represent you with excellence.

Patient, Calm and knowlegdeble
I've known Gary for a number of years and used him for all my legal needs both personal and business. Gary and his firm have handled all of my legal needs including realestate closing, family will and the articles of organization for my company. I would strongly recommend him and his firm. As a lawyer, he brings a knowledge of the law while presenting himself and the information in a calm and informative manner.

Excellent attorney and advisor
Gary has represented me several times, and he is outstanding. Extremely skilled, talented, experienced, and compassionate. Has a level head and gives excelletn advice. One of the best!!

In a time when people are so cynical about lawyers and the legal system, it’s understandable - they haven't met Gary Newland.
Gary A. Newland has consistently provided superior service and positive results in the legal matters he has represented on my families behalf. His expertise in the legal field and complete understanding of my questions and concerns, allows Gary to effectively communicate in language a non-lawyer can understand. I recommended Gary to a friend/co-work that was having difficulty reaching a settlement due to an injury. I recommend Gary because I knew he had the knowledge, experience and dedication that would result in a positive solution for my friend. My friend was so impressed with Gary and couldn't thank me enough for recommending him. In a time when people are so cynical about lawyers and the legal system, it’s understandable - they haven't met Gary Newland.

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