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Cook County Attorneys for Truck Accidents Caused by Dropped or Shifting Cargo

Wheeling Unsecured Cargo Truck Accident Lawyers

Injury Lawyers in Arlington Heights for Crashes Caused By Unsecured Loads on Trucks

If you drive on the streets and highways of Northern Illinois, you probably understand that you will be sharing the road with hundreds, if not thousands, of commercial trucks on any given day. The trucking and transport industries are important components of the nation's economic system, as billions of tons of freight are moved by truck every year. A standard-sized commercial truck can weigh as much as 40 tons when it is fully loaded with cargo, which means that it is crucial for transport companies and drivers to ensure that the load is distributed, balanced, and secured properly. When cargo is not properly maintained, the truck can quickly become unstable, and a serious accident can occur.

At Newland & Newland, LLP, our team of skilled personal injury lawyers have been helping truck accident victims in Cook County and the surrounding areas for nearly three decades. We know how dangerous unsecured or shifting cargo can be, and we are equipped to help you seek compensation for any injuries caused as a result.

Cargo-Related Accident Counsel in Northern Illinois

Cargo that is unsecured or improperly loaded can contribute to the risk of an accident in several different ways. When cargo is not properly tied down or adequately covered, parts of the load could come loose and fall to the road, creating a maze of debris for other drivers. It is even possible for falling cargo to hit another vehicle directly, which could have deadly results.

Even if the load does not fall, cargo that is not loaded or secured correctly could cause other problems. If a truck's cargo, for example, is loaded almost entirely on one side of the trailer, the truck could become almost impossible to handle safely. A minor steering correction to account for the everyday challenges of the road could cause an unbalanced truck to lose control, jackknife, or overturn. Along the same lines, a truck that is overloaded-or even just one overloaded axle-might make the truck much more difficult to stop quickly.

Holding All Negligent Parties Liable for the Injuries They Cause

A truck driver is usually responsible for ensuring that the truck's load is properly balanced and secured. If an accident occurs, however, other parties could have a share of the liability. A crew in a loading facility, for example, might be in charge of loading the truck to start its journey, but the truck could have several stops to make before reaching its final destination. At every stop, a new group of workers might be responsible for unloading part of the load and ensuring that the remaining cargo is rebalanced before the truck leaves again. Additionally, the transport company or the owner of the truck might be negligent in failing to create or enforce protocols that address the securing of loads and other safety concerns.

At Newland & Newland, LLP, we know that determining liability in a trucking accident requires a comprehensive investigation into the crash. Our team will look at delivery records, cargo manifests, driver logs, and any other information that might help us establish what caused the cargo to shift or fall and who is to blame. We will then work hard on your behalf to seek the compensation you need to start putting your life back together.

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