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Radiological procedures are vital in the detection and diagnosis of many different illnesses, injuries, and other medical conditions. From basic ultrasounds and X-rays to magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) and computed tomography (CT) scans, radiology is an extremely important component of modern medicine.

As with any type of medical test, radiological procedures must be conducted properly and accurately interpreted by radiologists who are fully trained in their area of specialty. Mistakes anywhere along the way can lead to devastating and fatal consequences. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys at Newland & Newland, LLP understand how to handle cases that involve radiologist errors. If you have suffered an injury or illness related to a radiology mistake, our team is equipped to help you seek fair compensation for your injuries.

Understanding the Role of a Radiologist

Primary care doctors and physician specialists of all kinds rely on the information generated by radiology tests to help them diagnose patients and to decide on the best course of treatment. Most doctors do not have the necessary training or qualifications to read or interpret the results of radiological testing so they depend on a specific type of physician specialist called a radiologist. A radiologist is trained to help diagnose injuries and illness through the use of different types of imaging technology including:

  • Ultrasound or sonograms;
  • X-rays;
  • Computed tomography scans, also called CAT scans or CT scans;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging, also called MRIs;
  • Positron emission tomography scans, also called PET scans; and
  • Nuclear medicine imaging.

Conducting such tests properly requires careful attention to detail and comprehensive training, but obtaining the images is just part of a radiologist's job. The radiologist is also responsible for interpreting the results of the test and reporting them to the patient's physician. In many cases, the radiologist will also communicate directly with the treating doctor to help reach a conclusion on the patient's diagnosis.

Radiology Malpractice Attorneys in Lake County and DuPage County

Medical technology is constantly improving and becoming increasingly complex. As a result, it is not uncommon for mistakes to occur from time to time. Not all mistakes by a radiologist, however, are considered malpractice. For example, if the radiologist conducts an MRI properly but the results are insufficient to make a diagnosis, the radiologist would not likely be considered negligent for failing to diagnose the patient. He or she might be considered negligent, however, if further testing is not recommended to the patient. Similarly, preparing a report that is not backed by evidence in the imaging could be considered malpractice as well.

Radiologist mistakes that lead to a delayed diagnosis may prevent a patient from receiving proper treatment in a timely manner. An incorrect diagnosis caused by radiology negligence could force the patient to undergo unnecessary treatment. In both situations, the patient could be at risk for serious complications.

If you believe that a radiology mistake led to your injuries or those of your loved one, Attorney Gary A. Newland and his team are ready to go to work on your behalf. We will investigate the circumstances of your injury, as well as all available medical records, orders, and reports to determine exactly what happened and why. From there, we will build a case to get you the compensation you need to start putting your life back on track. Our attorneys will fight to protect your best interests both in negotiations and at trial if necessary.

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