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It is probably fair to say that most people do not truly understand how a bar fight could affect their lives. In the movies, a bar fight usually consists of the hero physically defeating one or more antagonists, possibly sustaining a black eye in the process. Most films do not show the part where the victims seek medical attention or are unable to work for days at a time as a result of their injuries. In the city of Chicago, there are over 1600 bars, taverns, night clubs, and other similar establishments, with many hundreds more in the suburbs and surrounding areas. A bar fight is going to happen every now and then, and if it happens to you, Newland & Newland, LLP is ready to help you get the compensation you need.

Trusted Counsel for Injuries Sustained in Bar Fights

Many, if not most, injuries sustained in bar fights are suffered by customers who were attacked, confronted, or provoked by other patrons. When alcohol is a factor, a simple disagreement can escalate quickly into a violent and dangerous situation. One minute, you might be having a good time with your friends, when suddenly you could be forced to defend yourself in order to prevent serious injury.

The attorneys at Newland & Newland, LLP have more than 60 years of combined experience in the practice of personal injury law. We know that due to the chaotic nature of a bar fight, it can be very difficult to determine exactly what happened and who caused the violence. If you suffered injuries in a bar fight, however, our team will do everything we can to investigate your situation, including reviewing police reports and witness statements so that the right person or people can be held accountable.

Some of the violent acts involved in a bar fight may constitute assault or battery under Illinois law, but your ability to collect compensation does not depend on criminal charges being filed. You can still recover damages from the person who caused your injuries even if there is not enough evidence to convict or even charge the person with a crime. At our firm, we understand the challenges associated with collecting compensation for bar fight injuries, and we are dedicated to helping you get you back on your feet again quickly.

Rolling Meadows Attorneys Holding Bar Owners Accountable

The person who hit you might not be the only party who is liable for your injuries. In some cases, the owner of the establishment and staff members might also share some of the liability. Bartenders, waitstaff, and managers are required to look after the safety of their customers by taking certain measures and avoiding others. If they fail to do so, the establishment could be held partially responsible for the injuries that you suffered. Over serving patrons who are visibly drunk, inadequate security, or unnecessary violence by bouncers are all examples of behaviors that could leave the bar liable for your injuries. Regardless of how you got hurt, the team at Newland & Newland, LLP can help you obtain fair, fast recovery from anyone and everyone who was responsible.

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