Birth Injuries in Illinois

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Motherhood is a blessing after which many can attest that it changes lives forever. In every pregnancy, most parents are concerned about the well-being of their child. While thousands of women give birth to children without incident, there are some instances when difficulties arise and cause devastating consequences. If you or your loved one has been injured in a medical malpractice incident in which injuries were caused to you or your loved one, contact Newland & Newland, LLP today.

Delayed Diagnosis

Failure to properly diagnose a condition of a mother or a baby can cause devastating consequences. In these cases, failure to identify and treat complications can cause irreversible harm. A few common conditions that may be harmful if not timely diagnosed and treated include:

If a delayed diagnosis has caused your baby harm, you need one of our experienced attorneys to assist you in initiating a claim and working with you throughout your case to get you or your loved one the relief you deserve. Our attorneys work hard to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

Injuries to the Child

The unfortunate reality is that a myriad of things can go wrong prior to and during the birth of your child. There is often an explanation given that indicates what is wrong. However, there is almost never an explanation that directly shows that an injury is caused by the negligence or malpractice of the medical team involved in your delivery case. This is just one of the reasons our attorneys work hard to determine the exact cause of your child’s injury and fight to get you the relief you deserve. If you want someone who will investigate to uncover the truth, contact us today.

Post-Traumatic Stress

The health of a new baby is often mom and dad’s biggest concern. Although women typically express positive feelings about child-birth, in cases in which a baby is injured, the parents often internalize the reason for the injury, which leads to depression. Post-traumatic stress disorder has been linked to complications before, during, or after the birth of your baby. The psychological harm suffered as a result of an incident related to child-birth is an actionable harm for which you can seek relief. To learn more about what remedies you have for this and other damages that have occurred, contact us today.

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