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Men who take testosterone therapy drugs are at increased risk of a number of serious health problems. Testosterone therapy is approved by the FDA to treat men with a diagnosis of low testosterone ("low T") levels. Annual prescriptions have increased dramatically to the hundreds of millions, creating a market worth billions of dollars. The legal team at Newland & Newland, LLP is skilled in personal injury and medical malpractice litigation involving testosterone therapy related health problems for clients in Chicagoland and throughout Illinois.

Medical Side Effects of Testosterone Medications

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (November 2013), testosterone is linked to severe side effects. Some of the potential side effects include:

  • Testosterone stroke;
  • Testosterone heart attack;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Blood clots in the legs;
  • Serious problems for people who have heart, kidney, or liver disease; and
  • Death.

Prior to the JAMA study, doctors were unaware of the cardiovascular risks involved in testosterone therapy.

Common Testosterone Medications

The dramatic increase in prescriptions is largely the result of aggressive advertising campaigns by the manufacturers of testosterone supplements and drugs. Advertisements are especially frequent during televised sporting events. The hormone is sold under many brand names, including:

  • AndroGel: a gel that is applied to the skin of the shoulders and upper arms;
  • Androderm: a testosterone patch or transdermal film that delivers testosterone supplementation through skin in the back, abdomen, thighs, or arms;
  • Axiron: a topical solution applied to the armpits in a manner similar to deodorant;
  • Bio-T-Gel: a once-daily testosterone treatment gel;
  • Delatestry: a testosterone treatment injected into the buttock muscle usually every one to four weeks;
  • Depo-Testosterone: an intramuscular agent for low testosterone;
  • Fortesta: a testosterone spray gel that is applied to front and inner thighs daily;
  • Striant: a tablet that slowly releases testosterone into the mucous membrane of the mouth;
  • Testim: a gel that is applied to the shoulders daily; and
  • Testope: a testosterone implant that is placed under the skin.

Doctors are prescribing testosterone drugs to men to help them fight their natural decline in testosterone as they age. Alleged benefits include increased ability to build muscle mass, stronger bone density, and improved sex drive. Studies funded by pharmaceutical companies have concluded that there is no increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events associated with testosterone drugs. However, as the recent JAMA study indicates, the risks are many, and they outweigh the benefits. Researchers concluded that men who used testosterone were 30 percent more likely to have a stroke or heart attack or die during a three-year period than men with low testosterone levels who did not take the supplements.

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