Legionnaires Disease and the Right to Recover in a Negligence Claim

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Legionnaires Disease Attorneys In Chicago

Legionnaires disease is a specific type of pneumonia that is known to occur in individuals who are exposed to legionella bacteria. This bacteria is present in contaminated water. Legionnaires disease cannot be transmitted from person to person. Instead, it is only transmitted through direct contact with contaminated water. Some common sources of exposure to legionella bacteria include exposure while showering, using a steam room facility, air conditioning, swimming in a pool, and using hot tubs.

Some common symptoms of legionnaires disease are fevers, chills, headaches, as well as other aches and pains. If you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms it is important to take them to a doctor for a physical examination. If legionnaires disease is not properly treated, health complications can worsen. Legionnaires disease can be fatal if the individual does not seek proper medical attention.

When you contract legionnaires disease you have been poisoned.

Recovery for Contracting Legionnaires Disease

Identifying the source of water contamination is the key to your negligence claim. Unfortunately, this is task can be daunting. Locating the source of contamination is often a difficult task as it requires individuals to determine the period in which they were exposed to contaminated water and further identify each and every water source that could have potentially exposed the individual to legionella bacteria. The water sources must be tested to determine whether they are the source of contamination. Once the source of contamination is identified, a lawsuit may be initiated against a property owner if there is proof that the party was negligent in cleaning and/or testing for legionella bacteria.

Recovery will only be permitted upon a showing of negligence. A negligence claim will be successful if an injured party can show that there was a duty to protect the injured party, that a breach occurred, that the breach was the proximate cause of injury, and that the party suffered damages as a result of the breach.

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