RSD/CRPS TYPE I Causes and Treatments

While reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSD) and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) have most often been used interchangeably, there are differences in the level of nerve damage, variations in the combination of symptoms, and different treatment protocols for the condition. RSD/CRPS Type I is a complex syndrome, as its name denotes. There is no simple test to confirm its diagnosis. There is no set combination of the various symptoms for each patient diagnosed with the condition, though all exhibit some common symptoms. Though early diagnosis is key for improved prognosis, the condition is often misdiagnosed and appropriate therapies delayed. 

Causes of CRPS Type I

RSD/CRPS Type I is not thought to have a single cause, but multiple causes with similar symptoms. It generally follows an injury or surgery that triggers an immune response and symptoms associated with inflammation. Blunt force blows like those suffered in a car accident or a slip and fall accident can cause nerve lesions that result in RSD/CRPS Type I, but nerve injury itself is minor. The chronic pain condition in the syndrome is precipitated by a dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous systems, and involves abnormal impulses along nerves that affect blood vessels and skin disorders of the autonomic nervous system.

Treatment for CRPS Type I

The complexity of causes and symptoms make set therapies and medications difficult for those suffering with RSD/CRPS Type I. Treatments vary widely for each client. New treatments are tried all the time. If the disease is caught early, with early intervention, there is a greater probability of remission. Treatments and therapies include:

  • Hot/cold contrast therapy
  • Dietary restrictions and inclusions
  • Range of motion therapy
  • Physical exercise
  • Physical therapy
  • Electro therapy
  • Medication for pain management, insomnia, depression, inflammation
  • Water therapy
  • Sleep therapy

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