Prescription Drug Injuries in Illinois

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Society has reached the point where we are dependent on medications to correct or regulate a number of our health needs. Because of the reliability of medication, many individuals take prescription medications without thinking about the potential consequences. The unfortunate reality is that many individuals who take prescribed medications develop an illness or have fatal injuries due to prescription drug errors every year. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident in the state of Illinois, contact Newland & Newland, LLP for a risk-free initial consultation today.

Prescription Errors: Common Types of Prescription Errors

Prescription errors often occur as a result of an issue with a doctor or the facility which fills the script. Some common reasons errors occur as a result of the doctor include patient mix-ups, illegible handwriting, and insufficient education or discussion. Some common reasons errors occur at the drugstore include improper dosage, error in reading the prescription, or mishandling by a professional.

Prescription Errors: Recognizing the Signs

In many cases, there are no tell-tale signs of prescription errors. While taking the medication, you may feel normal. Without having adverse physical reactions, it is difficult to detect errors. However, there are some cases in which consumers are able to detect an issue:

  • Prescription Labels: Prescription labels contain crucial information in determining the accuracy of a drug. Before taking a medication, it is beneficial to read the label. This will help identify the name person for which the medication is prescribed, the type of medication, and dosage information. This information should match any information given to you by your medical care professional.
  • Efficiency of the medication: Knowing the reasons for taking the medication and detecting whether it is effectively treating your condition is crucial in recognizing whether there is a problem with the prescription. If you still feel the symptoms for which you are being treated, it is a sign that the medication is not working and may be incorrect.
  • Side effects: Many prescriptions have side effects. Your medical care provider should talk to you about the side effects of certain medications. However, if you are taking medications that are causing side effects that are not listed on the label or described by your doctor, there is a possibility that the medication is not accurate.

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