Segway Injuries

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Segways have quickly become known as a convenient form of transportation while on vacation or looking to explore an area within a short amount of time. One can quickly find Segways to rent in various parts of Illinois for their personal use and enjoyment. However, a number of individuals are unexpectedly injured on Segways each year. While there are a number of reasons why these injuries occur, the injuries are often significant among all victims. If you are injured on a Segway and believe that the injury was the result of a malfunction or caused by a mistake or wrongdoing of another, contact Newland & Newland, LLP today. Our attorneys will be happy to meet with you during a risk-free initial consultation to determine your rights to relief.

Dangers of Segways

While many believe that Segways are easy to operate and use, these devices are not as easy as it may initially seem. Segways require its operator to balance as the machine detects weight and propels the rider in the direction that his or her balance is shifting. This is often more difficult than it seems and results in several accidents each year.

Injuries associated with Segways are often as severe as those associated with motorcycles, mopeds, hoverboards, and more. This is because they are as susceptible or more susceptible to road debris, uneven surfaces, or other obstructions in the roadway. In addition, the injuries often include traumatic brain injuries, fractures or broken bones, and more. While some injuries are often the result of operator error, many injuries are the result of other circumstances that are not caused by the operator.

Liability After an Accident

Determining liability after an accident is a tricky undertaking. The facts and circumstances of what caused the injury will determine who is responsible for your injuries:

  • When the injury results from a malfunction, liability can include the manufacturer, distributor, seller, or the vendor that rented the Segway to you or your loved one. In fact, a lawsuit may be brought against one or all of the individuals listed above. It is likely that an investigation will be necessary to determine the cause of the malfunction. Having an experienced attorney on your side during this process is crucial to the success of your claim.
  • After a collision with a motorist the cause of the injury will also be at issue. The location of the accident will often determine whether liability will arise. For instance, if an accident occurs in a crosswalk, pedestrian laws will be in place to determine whether the motorist is responsible for your injuries.

Liability arising after an accident is fact specific, as in many personal injury cases. To determine whether you are entitled to relief, contact an attorney today.

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