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4 Misconceptions About Filing a Claim After an Illinois Car Accident

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More than 300,000 car accidents were reported to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) in 2017. Nearly a quarter of them resulted in injuries, and just under one percent involved fatalities. Every affected party has the right to pursue full compensation for their losses, but far too many have their claim denied or reduced because of actions or inactions that took place after the crash. In order to prevent yourself from becoming just another collision victim who lost out on potential compensation for pain and suffering, it is important to understand how you can increase your chances of receiving everything you may be entitled to. This starts with familiarizing yourself with some common misconceptions about filing a claim after a vehicle crash.

Auto Accident Claim Myths

  1. Lack of Pain or Damage to Your Vehicle Invalidates Your Claim - As a car accident victim, you may not immediately feel pain or notice any damage to your vehicle. This may lead you to skip certain steps after the crash ultimately causing you to forfeit your right to pursue a claim. Unfortunately, adrenaline can temporarily divert the brain away from the pain that you feel, and unseen parts of your vehicle may be damaged in the crash. As a victim, you are encouraged to follow all post-accident procedures to protect the possibility of a claim, even if you do not immediately experience any pain or recognize any damage to your vehicle. This includes seeking medical treatment and taking photographs of your vehicle.

  2. You Should Apologize for Your Fault in the Accident - It is human nature to want to apologize for an act of wrongdoing, even if you are uncertain about whether or not you caused the incident. Unfortunately, by admitting any form of fault in an accident, you could diminish or even invalidate your claim. Rather than take this risk, worry less about politeness after a crash. Instead, remain calm and collect the evidence and information you need from the other driver.

  3. Assuming You Are Required to Give a Recorded Statement - Shortly after a claim is filed, an auto insurance company may attempt to contact the injured party for a recorded statement. In most cases, their hope is that they will be able to trip you up and cause you to say something that may diminish or devalue your claim. You are not required to give this statement. Instead, refer them to your attorney. If you do not yet have one, simply tell them that your lawyer will be in touch, and contact a legal professional right away.

  4. Pursuing a Claim Without an Attorney Will Not Hurt Your Case - Far too many victims forgo consulting with an attorney while pursuing a claim. Unfortunately, doing so can severely jeopardize your case. Insurance companies are skilled at reducing their payout amounts, and they will say or do anything to make that happen. An attorney can ensure that your claim fully addresses all of the damages you have experienced, both now and in the future.

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If you or someone you love has suffered an injury or damages because of a vehicle crash, it is crucial to speak with a dedicated, knowledgeable Schaumburg personal injury attorney who can aggressively fighting for your rights in a court of law. The seasoned attorneys at Newland & Newland LLP will strive for the most favorable outcome for your case, and we will work diligently to protect your best interests from start to finish. Call us today at 847-797-8000 to schedule a free consultation.




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