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Palatine nursing home negligence attorney

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, the issue of nursing home neglect first gained widespread public attention back in the 1970s, during a time when long-term care facilities lacked much-needed regulation. Since then, incidents of elderly abuse and neglect continue to remain prevalent in nursing homes, largely due to the growing elderly demographic. Our senior populations are living longer, resulting in a greater number of people being placed in long-term care facilities. Factors such as low pay, stressful working conditions, and staff shortages sadly cause the quality of care to be compromised, creating countless incidents of injuries and neglect. 

Do You Suspect Abuse or Neglect?

Cases of abuse can be particularly difficult for a victim's family members to uncover, especially for those relatives who are unable to visit their loved ones on a regular basis. For many long-term care residents, however, their family members are their eyes and ears when it comes to their health. Whether you have the luxury of making frequent visits to your loved one’s place of residence or simply speak to him or her occasionally on the phone, if you suspect he or she is not being properly cared for, it is important to investigate further. Here are some clear signs that your family member or friend may be experiencing a form of nursing home abuse:


Rolling Meadows nursing home negligence lawyer

Many news outlets have reported on the alarming rise of nursing home abuse and neglect over the past few years. Many families put their trust in long-term care facilities if their loved ones can no longer live on their own. According to the Quad-City Times, the Illinois Department of Public Health recently fined a local facility thousands of dollars for neglecting the treatment of a resident’s wound, which was not only discovered to be improperly cleaned and bandaged, but also lacking the basic record keeping required to provide the necessary care for the injury. This same nursing facility was fined even more--an astonishing $75,000--by the IDPH just a few years earlier for more cases of negligence.

What the Law Considers Neglect

The above incident and thousands like it across the country are examples of how personal injury cases within nursing homes consist of more than just slip and falls. While repeated falls are in fact a common neglect-related occurrence in long-term care facilities, many other types of injuries constitute cases for abuse and neglect. The Nursing Home Care Act under Illinois State law defines neglect as a facility’s failure to provide any kind of adequate medical care, mental health treatment, or personal care. The law states that this includes the failure to provide psychiatric rehabilitation or any general assistance with daily living activities that are required to protect the resident from physical or mental harm. 


Orangeburg County Elder Care Facility Facing Multiple Lawsuits

Court documents filed in Orangeburg County show that multiple people have filed claims against Phaire's Care as well as the owner of the elder care facility. One of the lawsuits was filed on behalf of Rena Mae Zinnerman's estate by Darlene Bethea who claims that the owner of the assisted living facility, Carlton Phaire, was transporting Zinnerman along with three other residents when he had an accident. Zinnerman died 10 days after the crash due to her injuries. Bethea is now pursuing a wrongful death claim against Phaire.

A second lawsuit was filed by Jason Broughton on behalf of Judy Broughton's estate claiming medical malpractice. Broughton claims that Judy suffered medical complications and injuries before becoming a resident at the facility, but later that month she was admitted to Trident Medical Center with Stage III and IV wounds. The lawsuit says she was not given proper treatment and care by the staff and consequently died due to her treatment.

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