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Signs Your Loved One May Be Experiencing Nursing Home Neglect

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Palatine nursing home negligence attorney

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, the issue of nursing home neglect first gained widespread public attention back in the 1970s, during a time when long-term care facilities lacked much-needed regulation. Since then, incidents of elderly abuse and neglect continue to remain prevalent in nursing homes, largely due to the growing elderly demographic. Our senior populations are living longer, resulting in a greater number of people being placed in long-term care facilities. Factors such as low pay, stressful working conditions, and staff shortages sadly cause the quality of care to be compromised, creating countless incidents of injuries and neglect. 

Do You Suspect Abuse or Neglect?

Cases of abuse can be particularly difficult for a victim's family members to uncover, especially for those relatives who are unable to visit their loved ones on a regular basis. For many long-term care residents, however, their family members are their eyes and ears when it comes to their health. Whether you have the luxury of making frequent visits to your loved one’s place of residence or simply speak to him or her occasionally on the phone, if you suspect he or she is not being properly cared for, it is important to investigate further. Here are some clear signs that your family member or friend may be experiencing a form of nursing home abuse:

  • Weight loss, dry and fragile skin, mental confusion - If you notice any weight and skin changes, along with dry, chapped lips or slurred speech, all of these symptoms point to possible malnutrition and/or dehydration.

  • No possession of personal care items - The absence of necessary basic personal care items, such as dentures, eyeglasses, or a walker is a red flag that some of a resident’s most basic needs are not being met.

  • An overall decline in mental health - Depression, severe agitation, and extreme withdrawal are all symptoms of emotional distress. If your loved one is lashing out, isolating him or herself, or having difficulty sleeping, do not ignore these changes in behavior.

  • Medication mismanagement and unexplained physical injuries - Injuries such as untreated bedsores, unexplained bruises, and signs of medication oversights, such as outdated prescriptions and unmarked prescription bottles, are all indicators that a resident’s care is being neglected.

Contact a Palatine Personal Injury Lawyer

Caring for a family member from a distance can be a great challenge, as feelings of helplessness surface when incidents happen beyond your control. Nursing homes are required to follow proper care procedures, and when they fail to do this, they must be held accountable for your loved one’s suffering. If you suspect an incident of nursing home neglect, the first step in obtaining justice is to reach out to a qualified, skilled Arlington Heights nursing home abuse and neglect attorney who can address all of your concerns. Request a free phone consultation by calling Newland & Newland, LLP today at 847-797-8000.








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