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Schaumburg motorcycle accident injury attorney

Whether you prefer riding your motorcycle in warm, sunny weather, or you ride daily, come rain or shine, you know the risks that come with operating a motorcycle, regardless of the time of year. Doing your best to avoid a motorcycle accident begins with the understanding that operating a bike requires a different skillset and knowledge than the competence needed to drive an automobile. While you certainly cannot control the driving behavior of others around you, there are some safety practices that every motorcyclist can put into action to decrease their chances of accident and injury.

What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

  1. Carry the proper license - While it is true that licensing regulations vary for motorcyclists from state to state, a motorcycle license endorsement is required, no matter which state you reside in. A combination of written and riding skills tests must be completed in order to obtain an official license endorsement and demonstrate that you have the necessary experience and knowledge to safely ride a motorcycle. Carrying the proper license may not guarantee your protection from a motorcycle accident and injury, but it definitely increases your chances of being able to ride efficiently and effectively so you are prepared to operate your bike in the safest way possible.


Arlington Heights car accident injury lawyer

When it comes to the dangers of drunk driving, it is no wonder policymakers, public agencies, and communities nationwide have made it an ongoing priority to ramp up their prevention outreach efforts. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 29 people die every day in the United States due to intoxicated driving. This means one person dies every 50 minutes, and this does not account for all the non-fatal car accident injuries that occur because of DUI incidents. While impaired driving is generally defined as driving under the influence of alcohol, the term can also refer to operating a vehicle under the influence of narcotics, another chronic offense that plagues the roadways.

Strategies Used to Combat Drunk Driving

A number of strategies have been developed to discourage and prevent drunk driving behavior, including stricter laws and more stringent enforcement actions, as well as an increase in public education awareness campaigns. Technology has been another useful tool for discouraging drinking and driving. The use of ignition interlock devices (IIDs), for example, forces offenders to submit to a breathalyzer test in order to start their vehicle. The breathalyzer device is installed in the motorist’s car and prohibits the vehicle from starting if certain blood alcohol content (BAC) levels are detected on the driver’s breath. A range of other prevention tactics are practiced nationwide, such as sobriety checkpoints, vehicle impoundment, and license suspension, as well as registration and license plate confiscation.


Arlington Heights school bus accident injury lawyer

Fall is the time of year when children are headed back to school. Since many kids are bus riders, parents place the safety of their children in the hands of public transportation. While school bus transport is still a relatively safe and efficient way to get children to and from classes, research shows that school bus accidents here in Illinois and across the country continue to be a risk, and passengers are not the only ones in danger of injury. Recent incidents highlight the fact that school bus drivers, as well as pedestrians present in the areas surrounding school bus stops, are also likely to experience potential injuries in the event of an accident. 

Recent Events and Data Point to Diverse Risks

Students, parents, and the community at large in the city of Arcola, Illinois, are still reeling from a shocking school bus crash that took place earlier this summer. The bus was hit by a car head-on off Illinois Route 133, putting over 40 frightened first-graders in harm’s way. Thankfully, some of the children only sustained minor cuts and scrapes, and there were no major injuries. The driver was instinctive and quick to act, but the damage done to the front end of the bus shows the accident could have been much worse, particularly for the driver. All too often, we assume that those at greatest risk are the children passengers themselves, but this is one recent example that reminds us that bus drivers themselves are in danger of direct injury in school bus accidents. 


Arlington Heights bicycle accident injury lawyer

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer significant injuries while riding bicycles. While biking can be an enjoyable activity and a convenient way to commute to and from work, cycling does come with some inherent safety risks. Most notably, bike riders have little protection aside from their helmets, especially if they are struck by a motor vehicle. Because of this, many of the injuries associated with bicycle accidents can be life-threatening. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 700 bicyclists suffered fatal injuries after being struck by motor vehicles in 2017. If you or a loved one are injured in a bicycle collision, it is time to speak with a legal professional. 

Securing Compensation 

When accidents occur between a motorist and a bicyclist, it is not uncommon to find that the motorist was acting negligently in some manner. Motorist negligence can come in any number of forms, from running a red light to erratically swerving from lane to lane. Today, the most common forms of driver negligence are speeding, texting and driving, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Speeding is prevalent in many bicycle collisions, due to the fact that the motorist’s reaction time is significantly hindered because of the high speed at which he or she is traveling. Texting while operating a vehicle has become the most common form of distracted driving and can be incredibly dangerous to bicyclists. Unfortunately, alcohol plays a huge role in many collisions between bikes and vehicles. Throughout 2017, 37 percent of all fatal bicycle collisions involved an intoxicated motorist. An injured cyclist may be able to seek compensation from a driver whose actions or negligence led to a bike accident.


Arlington Heights motorcycle accident injury lawyer

If a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, it is likely that the injuries suffered will be severe. Even with the use of a helmet, motorcycle crash injuries can be life-changing and even deadly. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are much more common than most people think. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 5,172 motorcyclists were fatally injured in collisions throughout 2017. In the aftermath of a motorcycle collision, one of the most important steps one can take is hiring an experienced personal injury attorney. It is important to examine the factors leading to a motorcycle accident to determine how injury compensation is ultimately decided. 

Seeking Compensation as a Motorcyclist 

Some of the most common motorcycle injuries range from minor bone fractures to significant spinal cord damage and head trauma. Recognizing the severity of these injuries and recovering the compensation a rider deserves can be critical to maintaining a person’s financial well-being. That being said, the process of securing compensation as an injured motorcyclist can often be complicated. 

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