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Birth Control Device Nuvaring under Review for Side Effects

Posted on in Drugs

Birth control pills are very annoying as they need to be taken at the same time every day for three weeks at a time. While this is difficult for some women to handle, newer measures exist that are easier to maintain. That was the thinking that led to the design of Nuvaring, which is a self-administered contraceptive device in the form of a vaginal ring. The device has the added benefits of containing less estrogen exposure than the pill form of contraceptive. This low estrogen dosage can curtail estrogen induced side effects experienced with other contraceptive such as nausea, breast tenderness, and irregular bleeding.

The first problems with the vaginal rings included headaches, vaginitis, leukorrhea and discomfort according to a study conducted by John Hopkins University in 2010. Other side effects which were uncovered by the FDA included blood clots. Blood clots can result in serious diseases such as deep vein thrombosis up to more serious events such as heart attacks and strokes. The FDA released a report in 2011 that the risk of blood clots increased by over 50% for women who use Nuvaring. This report was corroborated by a report by the British Medical Journal which was released in May of 2012.

While the pharmaceutical companies FDA need to continually work together and ensure the safety of drugs that are prescribed to people. If you have had a bad experience with any medication, you can be eligible for compensation for medical costs and other damages. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Dupage County to review the particulars in your case.

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