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Palatine car accident attorney soft issue injury

Soft tissue injuries are some of the most common injuries that can occur in car accidents. If you have been the victim of a vehicle collision, it is important to not ignore sprains and strains or dismiss them as minor injuries. Additionally, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with how to increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for any losses that you or your loved ones have experienced in a crash caused by a negligent driver.

What Is a Soft Tissue Injury?

Soft tissue injuries are caused by a sudden, uncontrolled overextension of muscles. Such injuries typically occur in crashes because of the jarring motion of a collision or because a part of the body became entrapped. Injuries like these are classified as either sprains or strains. Strains are injuries to the ligaments, while sprains are injuries to either the tendons or the muscles themselves.


Arlington Heights food poisoning injury attorney

Many people suffer from foodborne illnesses, also referred to as food poisoning, each year. Whether it is caused by food purchased at the grocery store or meals prepared at a restaurant, foodborne illnesses can have health consequences that are more serious than just an upset stomach. Common symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and chills. These symptoms can be easily managed by those with strong immune systems, but children, pregnant women, elderly individuals, and those with other diseases can have difficulty fighting these types of illnesses. According to the CDC, 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 individuals die from foodborne illnesses each year.

Three Common Causes of Foodborne Illnesses

  1. Viruses: Foodborne illnesses caused by viruses can be directly attributed to those who are already infected. If proper hygiene is not used by those preparing food, viruses can be spread through the food. “Employees must wash hands” signs in restaurant bathrooms are present to remind employees that waste residue can give customers foodborne illnesses. Contaminated water used during the preparation process is another common cause of such illnesses.


Arlington Heights bicycle accident lawyer

Riding a bicycle is often seen as a nice way to spend the day, especially in the summer. Some see it as their daily workout, while others ride leisurely to enjoy the scenery. Although riding bicycles can be a fun family activity, it can also be extremely dangerous. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a total of 777 bicyclists were killed in accidents with motor vehicles in 2017 throughout the United States. Illinois has taken action to try to make riding a bike safer, with separate lanes reserved for cyclists and trails set apart from the cars and trucks on the roadway. Unfortunately, bicyclists continue to get hurt.

Types of Accidents and Safety Tips

Bicyclists can encounter numerous dangerous situations, especially when riding on busy roadways in Chicago. The following are common scenarios that bike riders may run into:

Slip and Falls can be Serious in Illinois

There are a few instances that immediately remind the public at large of a pending lawsuit. The principal amongst these seemingly cartoonish situations is the notorious instance of slipping and falling on a wet floor in a store. Those who do truly injure themselves on slick surfaces would argue that there is nothing cartoonish about their injuries. An elderly individual can fall and break a hip, which can lead to many serious health issues, sometimes even death. Even those cases the media labels as "cartoonish" can involve nefariously negligent details and serious injuries.

The infamous case of the woman who was scalded by coffee at McDonald's is an example of this. While folks laughed at the seemingly frivolous lawsuit, the details tell a different story. Her coffee had been heated and stored at boiling point (if spilled this would cause third degree burns in seven seconds) and that McDonald's admitted to doing this and admitted that they knew customers were being burned. The elderly woman in question almost died and required extensive surgeries.

The Illinois case, while not as famous, involves similar accusations of negligence by those operating the Casey's General Store in Highland, Illinois. A 52-year-old man named James Latkins slipped on what he recalls as a clear liquid on the floor of the store, injuring himself. The store argued that there was nothing on the floor, and used video footage of the plaintiff and his girlfriend walking around comfortably before the fall. This testimony was refuted when an EMT testified that when they arrived the store clerk told them that another customer had spilled something on the floor and they had yet to clean it up. Latkins was awarded $550,000 for loss of quality of life and pain and suffering.

Texas Woman Awarded $4.9 Million

Brenda Alcala of Dallas filed a slip and fall lawsuit and was awarded more than $4.9 million pertaining to her broken ankle in January 2010. A jury from Scott County established that Courtyard Management and Marriott International showed negligence in taking care of their premises, which resulted in a serious injury to Alcala after she slipped on the ice outside the Bettendorf hotel.

The report says that Alcala was in Quad Cities to meet her client and around 8 am on Jan 21, 2010. Her lawyer said that Alcala broke her right ankle and had to undergo two surgeries. The injury resulted in pay cuts as she could not manage to travel to meet her clients. Witnesses first testified in her 2014 trial, after which a jury awarded her $1.2 million.

Marriott, in 2015, appealed the ruling to the Iowa Court of Appeals and the district court decision was reversed. Acala again filed a plea in Iowa Supreme Court. In June 2016, the case was sent back to Scott County for another trial. In a 23-page written decision, the state's top court's judge cited that the instructions given by the district court were based on insufficient evidence provided.

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