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Rolling Meadows personal injury attorneyWhen parents drop their children off at daycare, they trust that the staff will keep their child safe. Unfortunately, some daycare facilities do not meet these expectations. When a child is injured at daycare, nursery school, summer camp, after-school program, or another type of childcare facility, the facility may be liable for damages. The parents may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other costs.

When is a Child Care Facility Legally Responsible for a Child’s Injuries?

As any parent can tell you, children get hurt all the time. However, daycare facilities are legally obligated to prevent reasonably foreseeable injuries. The facility should be kept clean and free of hazardous objects. Children should be properly supervised. Staff should be vetted for any history of child abuse. When a daycare facility fails to uphold this duty and a child is harmed as a result, the daycare may be legally responsible for the child’s injuries.

There are almost countless ways that a daycare may be liable for injuries but, often, personal injury claims against daycare facilities involve:


Arlington Heights personal injury attorney

One of the most crucial parts of any personal injury lawsuit is proving negligence. In a medical malpractice suit, for example, a patient may only collect damages if the healthcare professional in question was negligent in his or her treatment of the patient. Similarly, a property owner or business owner who invites guests onto his property displays negligence if the building or grounds have obvious dangers that cause a guest or patron to suffer an injury.
When negligence causes an innocent party to experience damages like lost wages at work, expensive medical bills, or ongoing medical expenses, it is only fair that the person who is liable for the damages pays for them. Through a personal injury lawsuit, you may be able to collect compensation for damages, but the first step is proving negligence.

Negligence Can Include Actions and Failure to Act

For the purposes of personal injury law, negligence can be defined as the failure to exercise reasonable care and attention toward others in a way that causes them damages. “Reasonable” in this context means that it is what most other people would do in similar circumstances. For example, say a shop owner notices an exposed live wire and does not repair it, but instead continues to allow customers to go near the wire. A patron is then injured after accidentally touching the wire. The shop owner would probably be considered negligent because a reasonable person would not allow unsuspecting customers near such a hazard. In some circumstances, a crime, such as reckless driving, can also constitute negligence because a reasonably careful person would not drive recklessly.


Rolling Meadows personal injury attorney motorcycle accident

As is the case with any sense of freedom, no one wants to restrict their experience. Riding a motorcycle is the most open, free way to traverse Illinois roads. You can feel the wind hitting your body, see everything around you, and experience the feeling of speed without additional barriers standing in your way. However, this sense of exhilaration comes with a cost. Motorcycle riders are at the highest risk of sustaining injuries in an accident. With little standing between their bodies and the asphalt, many motorcyclists ride until they get into an accident that scares them from continuing on with their hobby. Studies show that the most common body parts that are harmed include head and neck injuries.

Helmet Safety

Illinois is one of the few states that allows motorcyclists to decide if they would like to wear a helmet while riding. While the option to wear a helmet provides motorcycle riders with the freedom to choose their level of protection, it leaves many riders with traumatic brain injuries or long-lasting neck issues. Studies have shown that wearing a helmet significantly reduces the chances of sustaining head and neck injuries, though many riders still decide against wearing them. 


Schaumburg personal injury attorney dog bite

Dogs are one of the most common family pets in the United States, with over 70 million dogs spread throughout the country. Despite the stereotype that dogs are “man’s best friend,” dog bites account for 90 percent of all animal bites. Some breeds have been labeled as family-friendly while others are known to be especially aggressive. While these categories have some weight to them, the truth is that any dog can snap at any time. Dog bites may sound fairly minor, but with over 4.5 million dog bites occurring in this country each year, over 27,000 victims require reconstructive surgery as a result of the bite’s damage. No matter your age or experience with dogs, it is imperative that you know how to prevent dog bite attacks, especially as a parent. Since you can encounter dogs in any environment, these tips can save you and your kids lots of pain, time, and money.

Taking Preventative Measures

Children make up approximately half of all dog bite victims, and because of their size and fragility, their injuries are typically more serious and impactful in the long term. It is important to teach the following safety tips to children from a young age so that they can recognize signs of aggression from the start:


Arlington Heights personal injury attorney bus accident

Whether you reside in a bustling urban environment or a suburban, rural neighborhood, public and mass transit offers an array of benefits for daily commuting purposes, including decreasing your chances of car accidents and injuries. This is especially the case for those interested in eco-friendly commute options and for those who desire to avoid the expenses that come with owning and driving their own vehicle. As a more cost-effective and environmentally conscious option, commuting by public transit is reportedly 10 times safer than driving in your own car, according to reports from the National Safety Council’s (NSC) official Safety + Health magazine. All of these factors combined make commuting by bus or train an advantageous option, no matter where you live. However, there are factors that any public transportation passenger should know regarding the safety of riding in these types of vehicles. 

Important Information for Public Transit Passengers 

Despite such positive research statistics, however, bus and public transportation accidents still happen from time to time, which means no one is completely immune to injury on the roadway. While you cannot eliminate every chance of accident or injury, here are some tips to consider any time you step foot on a bus or train:

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