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Palatine, IL birth injury lawyerOne of the most exciting times in a couple’s life is when they are expecting a baby. Once they learn a baby is on the way and get that due date, all the anticipation and planning begins. That due date is not only important for making preparations for the baby’s arrival, but it is also critical to ensure the progression of the pregnancy is properly monitored and mother and baby are receiving the appropriate prenatal care. And while it is rare that a woman delivers the baby on the actual due date – typically delivery occurs a few days before or after – when there has been a significant miscalculation of the due date, both the baby and the mother’s health can be put at significant risk. An Illinois malpractice attorney can help families who have suffered injuries and losses in these types of cases.

How Is the Due Date Calculated?

Once a doctor has confirmed a woman is pregnant, they will calculate her due date. The first step is determining the first day of the mother’s last menstrual period, counting back three calendar months from that date, and then adding one year and seven days. This will be the estimated due date – which is actually 280 days, beginning with the first day of the mother’s last period.

The other way the due date will be calculated is by ultrasound, a little further into the first trimester. An ultrasound can help determine the baby’s gender, size, and weight, and also help calculate the baby’s due date.


Palatine, IL car crash injury lawyerOne of the most serious injuries that people can sustain in car accidents is a brain injury. In fact, car accidents are one of the leading causes of brain injuries, causing different degrees of damage to the brain, depending on the force of the crash impact and other circumstances of the accident.

What Are Some Ways the Brain Can Be Injured in a Crash?

One of the most common causes of brain injuries in a car accident is when the head of the driver or passenger makes an impact on the dashboard, windshield, or steering wheel. This often occurs if the vehicle comes to a sudden stop and the person’s head – which is unrestrained – strikes one of these hard surfaces.

A person can also suffer a brain injury if their head and neck are jerked back and forth during the crash impact. This whipping motion often results in whiplash, but it can also cause the brain to rotate within the skull, causing damage to brain tissue. This is referred to as a rotational or acceleration-deceleration injury.


Arlington Heights, IL motorcycle accident lawyerMotorcyclists face unique challenges and risks on the road, especially since they lack the protection around them that other vehicle operators have. Not only do they face potential dangers from other vehicles, but there are also road hazards they may encounter that can pose significant risks to their safety. It is critical for anyone who rides a motorcycle to understand these hazards and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from the risk of suffering injuries in a motorcycle accident.  

Potholes and Uneven Surfaces

Potholes and uneven roads can be problematic for motorcycle riders. Hitting a pothole or encountering uneven pavement can cause motorcyclists to lose control of their bikes, resulting in serious accidents. Motorcyclists should maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, allowing them enough time to identify potential hazards and adjust their speed or position accordingly.

Gravel and Loose Surfaces

Loose gravel, sand, or debris on the road can be extremely hazardous for motorcyclists, especially when they are cornering or braking. These surfaces reduce traction, which can lead to skidding or sliding. When approaching a section of road with loose surfaces, motorcyclists should reduce speed and maintain a steady, upright position to increase stability.


Arlington Heights Personal Injury LawyersBeing injured in a car accident can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. Not only do you have to go through the recovery process from your injuries, but there are often financial issues that you are suddenly forced to deal with, such as high medical bills and lost wages if you are unable to work while you recover.  Although you are not legally required to retain an attorney to pursue a car accident claim, statistics show that injured parties have a much better chance at obtaining the financial compensation they are entitled to if they have an attorney advocating for them.

The following are some of the key reasons why a car accident attorney can help you get the best possible outcome based on the circumstances of your case.

Legal Expertise and Knowledge

Car accident attorneys specialize in personal injury law and have in-depth knowledge of the legal intricacies involved in such cases. They understand the relevant laws, regulations, and insurance policies that apply to your situation. Their expertise allows them to navigate the complex legal system and advocate for your rights effectively.


Rolling Meadows, IL pedestrian auto accident lawyerVarious parts of Illinois are bustling with pedestrians rushing to get to work or simply enjoying the day. But pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable people on the roads. They have to share the streets with fast-moving cars and big trucks and the obvious disadvantage is that they lack protective equipment when taking a stroll. A recent study shows that pedestrian accidents lead to a high number of knee injuries. Being injured in any type of accident can lead to long-term physical disability and impairment. At Newland & Newland, LLP, we are dedicated to helping you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Why is The Knee Such an Easy Target?

A recent study looked at pedestrian accidents and people’s knees. It found that the front bumper in low passenger cars often strikes the knee joint or just below the knee joint. The most vulnerable part of the knee is the MCL ligament and menisci. The severity of the injury often depends on how fast the car was going at the time of impact and exactly what part of the knee was struck. The knee joint is supposed to bend and rotate smoothly as the bones, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons work in tandem. If you experience knee pain after a car accident, it can certainly be due to one of these areas being injured.

A Closer Look at Knee Injuries

A serious pedestrian accident can cause permanent damage to the knee. In many cases, mobility is often never quite the same. Here is a closer look at the potential knee injuries a pedestrian may sustain if they are hit by a car and why surgery may be required:

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