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Schaumburg, IL spine injury attorney for paralysis and disabilitiesThe spinal cord is one of the most important parts of the body’s nervous system. Since the spinal cord connects the brain to the nerves in the rest of the body, injuries that affect the spine can disrupt the messages sent and received by the brain. Depending on the location of the injury and the extent of the damage, a person may experience severe pain, tingling, or numbness. In severe cases, a spinal cord injury may result in partial or complete paralysis that affects different parts of the body, and the loss of use of these body parts will likely result in permanent disabilities.

While some spinal cord injuries may occur because of diseases or health conditions, in many cases, another person is to blame for causing physical harm to a person. Car accidents are a common cause of injuries to the spine. People may also suffer spine injuries in slip and fall accidents, and elderly people are especially susceptible to serious harm in these cases. Those who have suffered serious injuries because of someone else’s negligence or intentional actions will want to work with an attorney to determine how they can receive financial compensation that addresses the harm done to them and their family.

The Extent of Spine Injuries Depends on the Level Where the Injury Occurred

While the vertebrae in the spine protect the spinal cord, the impact by a heavy object or projectile may cause the vertebrae to be crushed, damaging the nerves. In some cases, an impact may sever the spinal cord completely. Unnatural motions, such as extreme bending of the neck or back, may stretch or compress the spinal cord, causing irreparable damage to the nerves. 

Three Signs of a Herniated Disk From a Car Accident

Were you or a loved one recently involved in an auto accident? If your answer is “yes” and you are not seriously injured, you may not realize that you have been until hours or even days after being hit. Injuries sustained in a car accident typically occur in the form of head and back, and neck and chest injuries. Although any injury that you might have sustained should be examined by your doctor, the most important injuries to be aware of are head and back injuries. Even if you do not see signs of visible trauma, but there is pain or stiffness, seeking an examination from a medical professional will ensure that your injuries do not become worse. Any injury to your spinal cord is the most severe type of non-visible trauma, as prolonged neglect can lead to loss of movement or feeling.

Injuries to your lower back in the form of sprains and herniated disks are the most commonly diagnosed injury sustained in a car accident. A herniated disk (sometimes referred to as a “hernia”) is when your intervertebral disc (the cushion in between your vertebrae in your spine) pushes out or bulges or even ruptures. Hernias can occur in your back or neck, and sometimes may be difficult to determine, as they can sometimes go undetected. Here are three most common signs of a herniated disk:

  • Arm or leg pain. Herniated disk can occur in multiple areas of the body; however, since your herniated disk is in your lower back, you will generally feel pain in your buttocks, thighs, and calves. If your herniated disk is in your neck, the pain will generally be most intense in the shoulders and arms.
  • Numbness or tingling. People who have sustained a herniated disk usually experience numbness or tingling in the body part with the herniated disk.
  • Weakness. Muscles served by the affected by the herniated disk tend to weaken. You may notice that you are stumbling, or your ability to lift or hold items is impaired.

What if I was Hurt in a Car Accident?

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