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Why a Living Will is More Important Than a Regular Will

Having a “living will” and preparing your will for after you have passed are two very different types of legally binding documents that offer protection to you and your family. Traditionally, you would draw up a will when deciding how your cherished personal effects, including money, will be divided amongst your family. However, a living will dictates how you will be treated in the event you become terminally ill and are unable to communicate or will require constant medical care in order to sustain your life.

What can I Include in My Living Will?


If you are anything like most people, when you run out of paper, need highlighters or just a pack of paper clips, the easiest thing to do is just to run to OfficeMax…or is it Office Depot? Oh, who knows – but it is the office store of guarantee just down the road. Soon, however, it won't make a difference; odds are the name might even be different.

OfficeMax and Office Depot are merging! Details about where the new merged company will be headquartered and even who will run it all is still up in the air, but Office Depot has declared it will issue 2.69 new shares of common stock for every outstanding common share OfficeMax has.

Both companies are a presence in the U.S. market with OfficeMax running 978 stores with 29,000 employees and Office Depot running 1,675 stores with 39,000 employees. With the two merging together, some stores will have to close because of proximity – an estimation of about 600 stores. This will help competitors like Staples.

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