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Common Causes of Illinois Motorcycle Crashes

 Posted on April 21, 2022 in Car Accident

IL crash lawyerWith warmer weather quickly approaching, many riders are gearing up for rallies, runs, and good old-fashioned cruises. Sadly, the upcoming riding season also means headlines will soon feature motorcycle crashes. The “lucky” ones will suffer injuries that will one day heal. Others will suffer serious and life-altering injuries. Still others will experience a devastating crash – one that marks the end of their last ride.

What is most devastating about these crashes is that many will be the fault of another driver – someone who acted in a negligent way and then cost a family or rider a life, a limb, mobility, money, or employment. In such situations, the victim may be owed compensation. The following explains further and provides you with some key details on protecting your rights.

Negligence is a Common Factor in Motorcycle Accidents

Despite all the campaigns to “look twice and save a life,” the failure to register or “see” a motorcyclist is one of the most common factors in motorcycle crashes. Another major issue and contributing factor in motorcycle accidents is a driver’s failure to yield when the motorcyclist has the right of way. An intersection where the motorcyclist is turning left is the most common situation in which this occurs, but it can also happen when the motorcycle is on a straightaway and the other driver must enter the motorcyclist’s path to merge into traffic. All it takes is a moment of inattention by a driver for a tragic accident to take place.

Defensive Driving and Helmets Can Only Do So Much

Every motorcyclist should know how to be a defensive driver. They should also wear helmets and proper riding gear to provide themselves with the most amount of protection possible. Yet, when a motorcycle is involved in a crash with a passenger vehicle or commercial truck, these measures are not always enough to save a life or prevent serious injury. In fact, helmets can and sometimes do fail. Alternatively, helmets do not protect from internal injuries, such as ruptured organs, which can lead to almost immediate death for the motorcyclist. In these situations, it is critical that victims (or their families) understand their right to pursue compensation through a wrongful death suit or personal injury lawsuit for serious injury.

Work Closely With an Arlington Heights Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, the team at Newland & Newland, LLP can help you take action. Dedicated and experienced, our Rolling Meadows motorcycle crash attorneys will fight aggressively to ensure that you and your loved ones get the compensation you deserve. We offer free consultations. Schedule yours by calling 847-797-8000 today.



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