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Defective Battery Module Recall

Posted on in Defective Medical Devices

So many people put their lives in the hands of medical professionals. In turn, medical professionals rely on medical devices to assist in the care of patients. Without these devices, care would be limited. Having equipment that works properly is critical, as it can be used in a life and death situation.

Recently, the Maquet SERVO-I ventilator battery module was recalled by the FDA. These battery types are important because they allow healthcare professionals and patients to be mobile as opposed to being near an electricity source. Ventilator units are used to monitor and treat people with respiratory issues. If for any reason this medical equipment should fail to operate, it could cost a patient's life.

The FDA reports that the reason for the recall is due to reports that some battery packs distributed after the first of the year had shorter a battery life than expected. This can cause the ventilator to shut down which is something the hospital cannot afford to happen. If this were to happen, it could cause serious health complications, which could include death and that, could lead to a malpractice suit.

A letter by the FDA was sent out with instructions to replace the battery modules if a low battery warning message was indicated. In the same letter, consumers were advised to send in any reports of adverse reactions due to the battery unit's malfunction.

In most cases, medical professionals are trained and prepared to give the best possible care. However, things can and do happen. Imagine a family member on life support and the battery should go lower than expected. This is a horrible thought but a realistic one nonetheless. If you or someone you love suffered due to the malfunction of a medical device, you may benefit by contacting an Illinois malpractice attorney.

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