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Defective Cochlear Implants Injured Children

Posted on in Defective Medical Devices

New data shows that a company manufacturing cochlear implants distributed defective products to adults and children for many years. Unfortunately, this is just one example of defective medical devices that cause injury to people all over the world.

The second largest manufacturer of cochlear implants across the globe, Advanced Bionics, knew that there were issues with their HiRes 90K implants from the beginning. Early users of the product discovered shocks and pain and excess moisture inside the implants. Sadly, some of those early users are still feeling the impacts of defects today.

One such patient is Grace Bagadiong. Grace has an undiagnosed medical condition that has taken away her ability to use her arms, walk, or breathe on her own. As a toddler, Grace became totally deaf. Her doctors recommended a cochlear implant surgery as the only route for Grace to ever hear again. In 2005, Grace received a HiRes 90K implant, but her parents received a surprising letter just a few months later. The letter explained that Grace's implant was being recalled after numerous failures were reported, including patients who were shocked in the head by the device.

Further research revealed that Advanced Bionics knew about problems with the implants as early as 2003. The company also didn't advise any current users that an updated version of the device included improvements to address those initial issues. By the time the recall finally rolled around, more than 4,000 devices were implanted in patients. Grace, and other children, had developmental issues as a result of the failed device.

Advanced Bionics made a $1.1 million settlement payment to the FDA in 2008, denying any liability for the defective devices, but more cases are coming forward regarding the electrical failure. If you or your child has been injured as a result of a defective cochlear implant, you need to consult with an Illinois defective medical device attorney.

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