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Drug Safety Lapses by Medicare

Posted on in Drugs

A decade ago, Medicare experienced an expansion to make it easier for people to get the drugs that they need. In fact, Congress decided to increase funding to Medicare by billions of dollars to reach this goal. But it is possible that the fix worked too well.

Now Propublica has completed an investigation of this new system and found some interesting safety issues. By reviewing four years of prescription data, they have shown that large quantities of meds were given to Medicare patients without considering the possible side effects. There is also evidence of doctors continually prescribing medicines that they shouldn't according to FDA regulations.

Although Medicaid is good about policing the drugs given to its subscribers, Medicare does not do it at all. According to the director, Jonathan Blum, Medicare concedes to each physician's judgments rather than regulate the prescriptions given to seniors and disabled people.

A number of health and consumer agencies have disagreements with this hands-off policy. “For Medicare to just turn a blind eye and refuse to look at data in front of them…it's just beyond comprehension… they're putting their patients at risk,” according to the director of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Center of Excellence at Brandeis University, John Eadie.

Doctors also have been found at fault for improperly prescribed medicine. In records against these negligent doctors, some experts cited that some doctors have close relationships with drug companies which dictate what they prescribe. Other doctors are pressured by outside influences like families and their medical practices.

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